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Dr Disrespect rages over Halo Infinite aim assist issues, smashes controller

YouTube streamer Guy "Dr Disrespect" Beahm ended up smashing his controller to pieces after he lamented over his quite literal "broken" controller aim assist in Halo Infinite.
YouTube megastar Dr Disrespect's red outfit and PitViper sunglasses are undoubtedly iconic; however, perhaps not as iconic as his overemphatic fits of gamer rage over the seemingly "broken" aim assist apparent in nearly every game he plays.

In October, Dr Disrespect raged over the "cheesy" aim assist after being eliminated by 100 Thieve's Tommey in The Last Dance of Verdansk Warzone match with fellow YouTube star TimTheTatman.

More recently, the iconic YouTube streamer attempted to instead embrace the feature by using a controller in the Halo Infinite competitive lobbies. However, the Doc ended up blowing a fuse after the controller's aim assist, quite literally, broke down and stopped working.

Dr Disrespect smashes controller over Halo Infinite aim assist

During a YouTube Livestream on 25th November, Dr Disrespect attempted to reach the Onyx ranking in the Halo Infinite's ranked playlist, the highest tier in the game. However, he soon ran into an issue when his controller's aim assist began to malfunction.

Dr Disrespect smashed his controller in Halo Infinite after aim assist stopped working. (Picture: YouTube)
Dr Disrespect smashed his controller in Halo Infinite after aim assist stopped working. (Picture: YouTube)

Naturally, in what can only be described as characteristic gamer rage, Dr Disrespect smashed his controller onto his desk, sending bits of the controller flying into the air.

"I got none! I got none! F**k! We got none; no f**king aim assist in this game!" Dr Disrespect yelled before trying to piece the broken pieces of his controller back together.

"Oh man, as good as Halo comes off to be, there are a lot of little things that are adding up. I mean, what the f**k man, [it's been] seven years," he continued.

halo infinite aim assist dr disrespect youtube
Dr Disrespect says Halo Infinite still needs to be polished. (Picture: YouTube)

Unfortunately, Dr Disrespect was unsuccessful in trying to piece his controller back together and later admitted that his expectations for the game were "sky-high" and that he's "not really seen that polished, flawless game."

This statement contrasts what Dr Disrespect said last week, where he gave Halo Infinite his seal of approval, citing "high hopes" for the game. In a previous Twitter post, the Two-Time gave "firm handshakes" to Halo Infinite, saying that the "game plays so good."

You can watch Dr Disrespect's full reaction in the video embedded below. The related segment starts around the 8:23:53 timestamp.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Dr Disrespect & 343 Industries.