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H3H3 cancel last podcasts of 2021 after YouTube suspension

The H3 podcast will not have its Christmas edition this year due to a 7-day suspension from YouTube.
H3H3 cancel last podcasts of 2021 after YouTube suspension

H3H3's Ethan Klein announced that the last episode of the H3 Podcast in 2021, the Christmas special, is cancelled owing to a 7-day suspension of their YouTube channel, which means they will not be allowed to upload another video in time for Christmas.

According to Ethan, the channel was suspended after a reaction video initially uploaded in 2020 was "deemed too dangerous to watch." However, the YouTube content creator did not specify which video triggered the ban.

Before the rise of the H3 podcast, Ethan and Hila Klein were known for their reaction videos, in which they ridiculed many YouTubers and other internet phenomena. While their content is somewhat less fierce on the podcast, reacting to videos and trends is still a significant component, although it is not as explicit as previously.

Nonetheless, a reaction video will now cost them months of wasted planning for the Christmas episode, which will end up being scrapped.

Why is the H3 Christmas podcast cancelled?

Why is the H3 Christmas podcast cancelled
H3H3 started preparing and planning the Christmas H3 podcast several months ahead. (Picture: H3H3)

Klein tried to appeal to YouTube to reconsider their decision, emphasizing this suspension's "tremendous negative effect" on their business and the H3H3 community during Christmas.

Initially, it seemed that there was a chance that YouTube would rescind the suspension after the YouTube moderation team responded to his request to review the situation. Still, shortly after, Ethan revealed that they denied his appeal and did not revoke the ban.

"YouTube denied the appeal. [I] can't upload for a week. That's the way it goes when you dedicate ur (sic) life to YouTube, have 10 full-time employees, owe rent on ur (sic) studio, & have 1000s of paying members. U (sic) get banned for an old vid that nobody cared about until trolls mass reported it, " Klein tweeted out, clearly frustrated upon learning that the suspension will not be removed.

Without revealing which video got them banned, Ethan explained that it is a reaction from over a year ago, which the YouTube moderation team now marked as "too dangerous" for watching. However, Ethan claims that the same video they reacted to is still available on YouTube.

"A video, by the way, that is still on YouTube, by itself, age-restricted, since 2014 with 100,000 views. So why the f**k am I getting a strike?" Ethan wrote.

Klein claims that this results from mass false reports, bitterly adding that trolls will "have our channel erased by Christmas."

H3H3 cancel last podcasts of 2021 after YT strike
Ethan and Hila started H3H3 as a reaction and comedy channel before switching to the H3 podcast. (Picture: H3H3)

Ethan pointed out that he could make a video where he would complain about YouTube's decision, and that video would help him reverse the situation.

"What's absolutely stupid is that if I made a video complaining about it and made it to the front page of Reddit, they would 100% reverse the decision; why do they put me in that situation, " he asked and then resignedly concluded the story. "I just don't have the energy right now, just a horrible f***ing week."

This was the second time this year that the H3 Podcast channel was banned due to Ethan's feuds with other content creators on the platform - in August, Keemstar allegedly urged YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki to ban H3H3.


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Featured image courtesy of H3H3.