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IShowSpeed Gets Arrested Live On Stream

On 8th August 2022, YouTuber superstar and livestreamer, Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins, was arrested by police live on stream.
IShowSpeed Gets Arrested Live On Stream

In the past few weeks, Darren “IShowSpeed” Watkins has been one of the most trending internet personalities and YouTube livestreamers, but not for the best reasons. IShowSpeed was hit with a YouTube strike after receiving fellatio in a livestream from his Minecraft girlfriend. This strike caused him to miss hitting ten million subscribers on stream and receive a seven-day ban. In recent light, IShowSpeed was arrested on stream after supposedly being swatted. 

On 8th August 2022, IShowSpeed was arrested by Cincinnati police officials after supposedly being swatted. The YouTube superstar and livestreamer was put into handcuffs; the reasons underlying his arrest are still unknown. Others suggest it could’ve been an arrest after IShowSpeed allegedly prank-called police, although it seemed like it was just his friend's number joining the stunt.

IShowSpeed Gets Handcuffed By Police

IShowSpeed has a YouTube following of ten million people.
IShowSpeed has a YouTube following of ten million people. (Picture: Instagram / IShowSpeed)

Anyone accustomed to IShowSpeed knows him for his erratic and humorous antics. But sometimes, these antics can put him in trouble. 

From recently broadcasting a Minecraft bl*wjob to 100 thousand live viewers, including children and teenagers watching his stream, to leaking phone numbers and even being banned by Riot Games for sexist remarks in Valorant, IShowSpeed’s had numeral moments of fame. Although some not in the greatest taste.

In recent light, IShowSpeed was handcuffed by Cincinnati police officers at his residence. The footage was caught live, and the streamer acted confused, stating, “Oh my god, bro. I swear I didn’t do anything. I didn’t do sh*t.” His friend, who streamed the handcuffing of IShowSpeed, stated. “Oh, they swatted you bro. They swatted you.”

Until now, fans assume IShowSpeed was swatted and arrested as per one of the standard pranks twisted YouTube livestream chatters do to their favorite content creators.

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IShowSpeed hasn't commented about the recent arrest happening last 8th August 2022. (Picture: Instagram / IShowSpeed)

However, internet personality and reporter Jake Lucky pointed out that IShowSpeed might've been arrested for other reasons.

In a previous YouTube livestream, IShowSpeed was doing a gag about calling police officials under the number 911 and repeatedly asking for help as there was an emergency. Fans suspected the streamer who called 911, labeled it over a friend's number and did it as a stunt.

But with the recent arresting of IShowSpeed happening, fans suspect it might’ve not been his friend. As of writing, the YouTube superstar hasn’t commented on the arrest.

However, fans will have to wait to find out if the livestreamer was handcuffed after being swatted or if it was in correlation with his recent prank.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Jake Lucky.