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Ludwig banned AGAIN from YouTube mere days after joining the platform

YouTube streamer Ludwig Ahgren was hit with his second DMCA-related ban in five days, says he just "can't react to things anymore."
Ludwig banned AGAIN from YouTube mere days after joining the platform

On 30th November, Ludwig Ahgren began his new streaming journey on YouTube after signing an exclusive streaming deal with the Google-owned content giant, which saw him depart from his former streaming home, Twitch. However, just two days later, Ludwig was unexpectedly slammed with his first ban from YouTube following a DMCA strike by the "Baby Shark corporate overlords."

Less than a week later, on 5th December, Ludwig was hit with another DMCA-related. YouTube ban after reacting to an educational video by Kurzgesagt. The rapid-fire bans by YouTube have since prompted growing concern regarding Ludwig's future on the platform as many fans wonder whether he made the wrong decision to abandon Twitch.

Ludwig hit with second YouTube ban

Fortunately, the DMCA takedowns don't seem to affect Ludwig's channel but only individual streams. So after YouTube prematurely ended his stream, Ludwig bolted up another stream and explained what he thought was happening.

Ludwig was hit with another streaming policy violation ban on YouTube
Ludwig was hit with another streaming policy violation on YouTube. (Picture: Twitter / Jake Lucky)

"We have a problem. Apparently, I'm going to need to actually make content [...] We're f**ked, dude. We're going to have to figure out a solution, and it cannot be that I have to actually make content. I have to figure out a solution that allows me to steal other people's content without being banned," Ludwig said jokingly.

Later in the stream, Ludwig explained that he would receive notifications about watching copyrighted content during his streams but thought that YouTube would demonetize the content on his channel; however, this, of course, was not the case.

Speaking about the Kurzgesagt video he was watching about Methane production, Ludwig said, "So they show you the message and I was pausing on purpose and then filling [the stream] with random facts I knew about methane and it still took my a** down."

Ludwig says that the problem is that YouTube thinks he is making content out of other people's copyrighted content, but he is just reacting to it, which is permitted under "fair use". "They don't get it," Ludwig added.

ludwig banned youtube dmca
Ludwig says he will have to try and find a solution to avoid DMCA takedowns on YouTube. (Picture: YouTube / Ludwig)

The YouTube streamer later continued to ideate ways to skirt the system and comply with YouTube's streaming policy to avoid further DMCA-related takedowns. However, Ludwig did explain that these "bans" are not bans at all but rather "stream stops."

While these "stream stops" don't currently prevent him from starting up another stream, there might be further downstream ramifications for persistently violating YouTube's streaming policy.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Ludwig.