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MrBeast asks for fans' input on designing Squid Game challenge

MrBeast may be planning a real-life Squid Game but he did face a unique problem.
MrBeast asks for fans' input on designing Squid Game challenge

YouTube star and philanthropist, Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson, is hard at work planning a real-life recreation of the Netflix Original Series, Squid Game. However, it appears that the YouTube star may have encountered a hurdle.

Planning on what possibly could be his biggest YouTube challenges to date, MrBeast took to social media asking his community for some assistance. As expected, the community overwhelmingly responded, producing some unique and interesting ideas we haven’t seen in the series.

MrBeast needs help designing Squid Game challenge

Squid Game became Netflix’s biggest series after its launch reaching 111 million fans to date. As such, millions have binge-watched the Korean series, making this a problem for MrBeast.

With dozens of recreations appearing online from TikTok memes to in-game versions in Minecraft, MrBeast fears that participants can easily complete the challenges. The YouTube star took to Twitter explaining the dilemma he’s currently facing.

“In my version of Squid Game, how should I do the tug of war game? Since they’ve all seen Squid Game, they’ll know when I tell them to pair up in groups of 10 what it’s for.” What do I do?”

It didn’t take long for the community as well as other content creators to reach out to MrBeast with unique takes on the tug of war game. Additionally, some have included words of advice to make the tug of war game an even playing field, with no team given an advantage.

Smash pro player, HungryBox, suggested that MrBeast should instead do a “hug of war” and not a tug of war. One follower responded that it was surprising that HungryBox didn’t receive an invite.

Chef, entrepreneur and YouTube star, Nick DiGiovanni suggested the tug of war should be “a raffle or blind pairing” as a possible option. Pokemon content creator, Leonhart, suggested a “20-foot platform. Fall to the death sort of thing”.

One follower responded to MrBeast with a fascinating variation on tug of war. “Instead of tug of war, do capture the flag with teams of 10 but don’t tell them it’s capture the flag before.

“They’ll think it’s tug of war and find the strongest, but in reality, they need the fastest.”

Thousands of followers continued to contribute their unique takes on the Squid Game, as some even asked MrBeast for an invite to the real-life challenge. As the series utilised Korean childhood games, many have advised MrBeast to draw inspiration from American childhood games.

MrBeast has it all figured out

Regardless, the community ran rampage on social media until the YouTube star provided an update on how to approach the dilemma. He notified his community that he pretty much “figured it out”.

While we have no confirmation on what the YouTube star has decided to do, we can only expect it to “be wild”. As MrBeast continues planning YouTube’s biggest event to date, we anticipate plenty of teasers over the coming days.

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Featured image courtesy of MrBeast.