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TimTheTatman slams haters saying Nickmercs fell off switching to Apex Legends

YouTube megastar TimTheTatman recently slammed haters after they criticised Nickmercs' for "falling off" following his decision to switch from Warzone to Apex Legends.
YouTube streaming icon TimTheTatman recently defended Nickmercs after haters criticised the former Warzone streamer for switching to playing Apex Legends. According to the critics, Nickmercs is "falling off" despite regularly entertaining tens of thousands of viewers in his YouTube Livestreams. TimTheTatman subsequently fact-checked the haters while roasting them at the same time.

TimTheTatman defends Nickmercs over switch to Apex Legends 

During a YouTube Livestream on 29th November, TimTheTatman responded to a user's comment about why Nickmercs moved away from games like Warzone, which made him famous, to Apex Legends.

In his response, TimTheTatman said, "As a content creator, you cannot let viewers control your life." He went on further, explaining, "You can't let people sit there and say, 'dude, why would you not do this.' [So] you have to do what you have to do, for you."

The YouTube streamer continued to say that what other people say doesn't matter and that if a decision to play a specific game is better and makes a person happier, then they should follow through with their decision and "play that game. That's the bottom line."

Haters claim Nickmercs is "falling off" because he doesn't stream Warzone anymore
Haters claim Nickmercs is "falling off" because he doesn't stream Warzone anymore. (Picture: YouTube / Nickmercs)

Tim continued to roast the haters criticising Nickmercs, claiming that he is "falling off" because of switching away from playing Warzone.

"And there's this weird group of people that are so obsessed with numbers. And they're like, 'Oh dude, Nickmercs man, he's not playing Warzone anymore, he's falling off.' [So] if falling off is being a multi-millionnaire with 20,000 viewers, playing what he wants to play, I think those same people would sign that same contract," TimTheTatman said.

TimTheTatman defends Nickmercs switching to Apex Legends in the best way
TimTheTatman defends Nickmercs switching to Apex Legends in the best way. (Picture: YouTube / TimTheTatman)

Indeed, Nickmercs is far from "falling off", and many people would agree. Esports reporter Jake Lucky said that Nickmercs is among the "most desired" streams in gaming across multiple titles, adding that the "dude has been climbing, not falling."

So, with that said, perhaps these haters had something hard fall on their head or smoking a bit too much of the Devil's Reefer. Nickmercs is a trendy icon within the broader streaming community and, while he may decide to shift gears, one thing is sure: he's far from dying out.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / TimTheTatman & Nickmercs.