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What Does Dream Look Like? Minecraft Creator Reveals Face To Friends

Minecraft YouTuber Dream has officially revealed his face to multiple content creators. But what does he look like? Find out below.
What Does Dream Look Like? Minecraft Creator Reveals Face To Friends

Faceless YouTube creator Dream has been at the cornerstone of Minecraft entertainment for years. As one of the most decorated creators in the Minecraft community, Dream has cultivated a massive near-cult following. However, many have wondered if he’d ever take off his mask, the signature feature by which fans know him.

In the past few days, Dream has revealed his real face to several content creators, including Karl Jacobs, Quackity, and Phillip "Ph1LzA" Watson, and their reactions to the unveiling have been amazing. Almost everyone who’s seen Dream under his mask has been in awe over the content creator’s actual appearance. 

Dream Reveals His Real Face To Fellow Content Creators

minecraft youtuber twitch streamer Dream revealed face other content creators
Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer Dream has revealed his face to other content creators. (Picture: YouTube / Anthony Padilla)

For the Minecraft community, the reveal of Dream’s face reveal will most likely be one of the biggest moments in history, noting his wide popularity for being an entertaining and charming YouTuber and Twitch streamer. 

Recently, Dream has supposedly revealed his true identity only to his closest friends, and their reactions have been nothing short of spectacular. Most didn’t expect Dream to be so “handsome” and good-looking in real life. Karl Jacobs even stated that Dream’s fans would be disappointed that he’s not unattractive. 

minecraft youtuber dream looks handsome karl jacobs content creators
Minecraft YouTuber Dream apparently looks pretty "handsome," according to Karl Jacobs and other content creators. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

Karl Jacobs Tweeted the video of him reacting to Dream’s face reveal. Upon seeing his face, the content creator said, “Oh shoot, what the heck? You look like a baseball player to me. I don’t know what I expected you to look like. You’re actually handsome. You’re not supposed to be attractive, Dream; people are going to be pissed.”

Another content creator, Christina "TinaKitten" Kenyon, posted her reaction to seeing Dream’s face on Twitter. TinaKitten stated, “OMG look at you. Wait, the jawline. Wait, I’m proud of you. Your teeth are so white. Oh my gosh, your eyeballs, they’re real. You’re a real person. It was nice to meet you. Again. It’s you in the flesh. Wait, this is so surreal.”

Although Dream has supposedly only shown his face to friends, the community still doesn't know what he looks like yet. So, to be clear: Dream hasn’t revealed his face to the public. Despite this, fans are already spamming Twitter with pictures they think look like Dream as memes, alongside video montages of everyone else’s reactions.

In response to the Minecraft community wanting Dream to reveal his face to the public, the content creator posted a cryptic Tweet, noting, “today” and nothing else.

It’s uncertain whether Dream will show his face today or if he’ll continue creating content without taking the mask off. But fans must be patient and stay tuned to any further hints or announcements.

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Featured image courtesy of Twitter / Dream.