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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki accepts invite to Ludwig's podcast

YouTube's CEO Susan Wojcicki has accepted Ludwig Ahgren's invitation to join him in a future podcast after she congratulated him for his exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming.
YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki accepts invite to Ludwig's podcast

Over the past week, iconic streamer Ludwig Ahgren has done the most to shock fans, announcing his departure from Twitch for an exclusive streaming deal with YouTube Gaming to donating all proceeds from his channel to his moderators.

More recently, the CEO of YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, has agreed to feature on his podcast shortly after personally congratulating Ludwig on joining the YouTube Gaming family. Here's everything that we know so far.

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki will be a guest on Ludwig's podcast

On 2nd December, Susan Wojcicki responded to Ludwig's request after congratulating him on his switch from Twitch to YouTube. Expressing a notable degree of excitement, Susan said, "Yes, that would be fun!" However, we're not sure if Ludwig was expecting this response because after YouTube's CEO accepted his invitation, his only reaction was with the "mind blown" emoji.

At the time of writing, it is too early to know precisely when Susan Wojcicki will guest feature on his podcast. However, we expect Ludwig to discuss an appropriate date and time with Susan since we can only imagine how busy she is.

Indeed, the question begs what the two will talk about, although I'm confident at least two essential talking points may crop up.

This, of course, includes discussion around the removal of the dislike count (which Ludwig has criticised in a previous video) and perhaps an interrogation into the YouTube algorithm.

ludwig ahgren susan wojcicki podcast youtube
Susan Wojcicki is expected to feature as a guest star in Ludwig Ahgren's podcast. (Picture: Twitch / Ludwig)

Fans on Reddit seem to agree that these would be possible discussion points but are less convinced that they will be adequately addressed. "If this happens, we all know the dislike question going to be asked. Either that or they're gonna say it's off-limits beforehand," one Reddit user said.

Another user on Reddit praised YouTube for "actually giving a sh*t" or otherwise making a concerted effort to look like they do; however, some fans claim that it's simply a PR stunt. "Even if she goes on a podcast, it will just be 'we're looking at that' rhetoric," a Redditor noted.

Despite this, I'm sure the podcast will be entertaining and informative to watch, and I certainly look forward to it when it goes live. Again, Ludwig has not announced a date or time yet; however, we will certainly let you know as soon as he does.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Ludwig & Forbes.