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YouTuber CallMeCarson accused of sexual misconduct with underage fans by former Lunch Club members

Fellow content creators Traves and Hugbox spoke on Keemstar's show, Drama Alert, stating Carson's actions effectively ended Lunch Club.
YouTuber CallMeCarson accused of sexual misconduct with underage fans by former Lunch Club members

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Carson King, better known as CallMeCarson, has been accused of grooming underage girls, with former members of the Lunch Club, a group of content creators of which he was a part of, speaking about the allegations on Daniel "Keemstar" Keem's YouTube show, Drama Alert.

The members in question were Noah "Hugbox" and Travis, known as Traves to his fanbase. In the 12 minute video, Hugbox explained to Keem that Carson confessed to all members of Lunch Club back in March 2020.

"One day, he called me surely before he told Travis. I picked up the phone and told that he sexted underage girls, and I think that he said that they were fans," Hugbox stated. 

It's worth pointing out that Carson decided to take a break citing mental health issues that same March, taking an "indefinite break" from content creation.

Fans eventually figured that the situation stemmed from his alleged girlfriend, Kate "Katerino" cheating on Carson with fellow YouTuber Cameron "Fitz" McKay. According to both Lunch Club members, the pair never dated in the first place, according to Noah and Traves.

As a prominent figure in the online content creation landscape, with multiple YouTube channels amassing almost five million subscribers on top of his 1.4 million Twitch followers, it's safe to say Carson was the biggest member of the Lunch Club. This kind of reach made the rest of the members fearful in case they ever spoke out against him. 

Lunch Club Call Me Carson
The Lunch Club crew hanging out (Picture: Lunch Club)

"I knew that someday it was gonna come out. I feel like I dropped a few hints about just so that people, when it did come out, know that I wished I could've talked about it and I didn't want my life to be ruined by a lawsuit," Noah explained.

A tweet made by him in November seems to suggest Noah knew about Carson's misbehaviour after telling followers that despite the private nature of the matter at hand, he wanted to make it clear people close to him were not what they seemed.

"I know that none of you will understand what I mean because I don't talk about it publicly, but in private I am currently batting 1000 in terms of predicting who is a sus motherf**ker."

At the time of publishing Carson has yet to comment on the allegations.