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New Diablo Immortal Class Release Date & Blood Knight Details

We discuss the new, confirmed Diablo Immortal class, speculating about the release date window and which iconic class could enter Sanctuary on mobile and PC.
New Diablo Immortal Class Release Date & Blood Knight Details

Since its release on 2 June 2022, Blizzard has continued to both improve Diablo Immortal and add new content. While we've seen new quests, items, Helliquary bosses, and zones, we've never seen a new class added to Diablo Immortal. Now, Blizzard has confirmed via their content plans for Diablo Immortal that a new class will release in 2023.

This consistently updated article outlines everything you need to know about the new class coming to Diablo Immortal, from its speculated release date window to which one it might be and if it will be free.

Update on 10 July 2023: Check out our Blood Knight class overview (including release date) and all Blood Knight Legendary items in Diablo Immortal.

When Will Diablo Immortal Get a New Class?

Diablo immortal new class druid amazon rogue 2023 major update
Take a seat. We might still have to wait several months for the new Diablo Immortal class to get released as part of a Major update. (Picture: Blizzard)

Community Lead for Diablo Immortal, PezRadar, via a post on Reddit, shared the developers' plans for Diablo Immortal. Despite nothing even appearing on the official website for the game, PezRadar dropped a huge bomb...Diablo Immortal will get a new class in 2023.

In 2022, we released two Major Updates that added a new Zone, dungeon, enemy types, and much more. This year, we plan to release four Major Updates containing improvements to Clans, in-game social features, and gameplay—while also introducing a new class and Helliquary Bosses.

That's a release date window of "this year," aka 2023, confirmed for Diablo Immortal's first new class since launch. 

At the time of writing, there is no exact release date for Diablo Immortal's new class. We do, however, now have a release date window from the developers of "July 2023."

Diablo Immortal New Class: Blood Knight Confirmed?

Diablo immortal new class druid amazon rogue 2023 major update
We can't help but hope that the Druid will be the first new class in Diablo Immortal. (Picture: Blizzard)

Update: Blizzard released a tease that puts Blood Knight as the new Diablo Immortal class.

We’re nearly ready to release a new Class with which you can defend the world of Sanctuary. This Class bleeds new blood into the Diablo universe with its appearance in Immortal and favors a mid-range playstyle using a classic weapon type. The team is brimming with excitement, and we can’t wait for you to assume this new fantasy in July.

No details on the new class for Diablo Immortal are currently available. However, fans are screaming for the Druid class at the moment, and if we had to take a guess, it would be either the Druid or the Amazon.

There's always a possibility of a Rogue entering Diablo Immortal, but our best bet currently is the Druid class. While we don't think it will be a completely new class never-before-seen in the franchise, there is a minuscule chance Blizzard could completely surprise us with this one.

Will Diablo Immortal's New Class Be Free?

Diablo immortal new class druid amazon rogue 2023 major update
Not even Deckard Cain knows any details about Diablo Immortal's first post-launch class addition at the time of writing. (Picture: Blizzard)

We've never had a new class in Diablo Immortal, so it is difficult to tell how things will play out. However, we do know that all actual content from updates in Diablo Immortal has been free. If we had to take a guess, then we suspect Diablo Immortal's new class should be free as well.

Remember, battle passes purchased are on a per-class basis (not shared account-wide), so those who want to get the most out of playing the new class will likely purchase a battle pass anyway when it releases. 

That's everything we know so far, and we speculate about Diablo Immortal's new class, confirmed to be released sometime in 2023 with a Major content update. We will endeavor to update this article once more information becomes available, but we are hoping for a Druid reveal!


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