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Payday 3 Network Error: How To Fix No Connection Issue

Learn how you can fix the Network Error in Payday 3 and get back to heisting as soon as possible.
Payday 3 Network Error: How To Fix No Connection Issue
Starbreeze Studios

In Starbreeze Studios' latest co-op heisting FPS title, some gamers might be running into a Payday 3 "Network Error, No Network Connection" message, and we are here to help those who are struggling to get back into the game.

This guide explains how you can fix the Network Error issue in Payday 3 with ease and how you can contact customer support if the issue persists.

Payday 3 No Network Connection Fix

Payday 3 connection no network error fix
Some Payday 3 players are running into a No Network Connection error, and there might be an easy fix to try. (Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

First and foremost, you need to check if the Payday 3 servers are down or operational. If the servers are online, then check your internet connection in other games and find out if it isn't a user-side error.

Payday 3 doesn't have an offline mode, which players are already calling for since the game has had a few server issues on launch day. Speaking of issues, the No Network Connection error (as per the image above) might not be all that serious.

The developers have noted in a "known issues" list that players can get this error if the game is left idle for approximately 15 minutes. Therefore, if you get the error, simply press "Return To Main Menu," and this might fix the issue, as you don't even need to log in again!

What if you are still getting the error and do not let your game idle? Well, you can go all IT Crowd, turning both your gaming device and your router off and on again. You can also ensure that your console or PC is connected via a LAN cable instead of WiFi, as this is always a good idea in any multiplayer game.

There are multiple other do-it-yourself things players can do, such as flushing their DNS. However, we suggest contacting Payday 3 customer support first, as the issue might not be on your end, and messing with your PC's DNS settings or even Firewall settings might cause other issues in the long run.

In case you've been stuck in a vault and missed it, learn a lot more about Payday 3 via the official live stream from the developers to celebrate the game's launch below.

So that's it, a possible easy fix to the No Network Connection error in Payday 3 on PC, Xbox Series X/S, and PS5. If anything changes or additional methods become available, we will endeavor to update this article accordingly.