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V RIsing Dev Detail New Features, Changes For Future Updates

Stunlock Studios released their latest Developer Update post, where they've detailed new content and features for V Rising, arriving soon.
V RIsing Dev Detail New Features, Changes For Future Updates

V Rising developer Stunlock Studios has provided its player base with its latest Developer Update post on future content and features for the survival game. Additionally, they provided commentary from the feedback gathered during the game's Early Access launch and several quality-of-life updates.

With several new ideas still in production or early planning, the developer noted that there's much to anticipate in the coming months. Let's look at some of the content and features that will be added to V Rising in future game updates.

New Developer Update Outline Future V Rising Content

While the developer has given no exact date and time for their next major content update, they have outlined various features they will include soon. One of the first game improvements arriving soon to V Rising is notable changes for the Castle.

According to the developer, these are some of the forthcoming changes they hope to add soon in-game:

  • Castle relocation
  • Adding multiple floors
  • Additional Castle furnishings/cosmetics
  • Other Castle interactions

They're also planning to make changes to Castle servants following interesting feedback on how they're utilized in-game. Details on what planned changes they wish to include weren't specified in the blog post as "it's too soon to say exactly" how they "Intend to expand" this mechanic.

Based on player feedback, the developer has stated plans to add new areas to continue exploring the world of Vardoran. Similarly, the development of a new biome will come with its secrets and intrigue while contributing a new "fresh, unique" experience.

v rising developer update blog post new features changes biomes areas
A new biome is currently in development, bringing forth a new "fresh, unique" gameplay experience. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

As it's critical for them to incorporate new areas that provide "something new in terms of visuals, sound, and gameplay," they'll be new V Blood bosses and lesser enemies traversing these environments. Likewise, the current areas will also receive a much-needed update with new features, making them worth revisiting for a more satisfying experience.

These include Points of Interest (POIs), biomes, enemies, and item loot that will enhance players' interactions and give them more "diversity and character." This allows the developer to produce new and relevant information relating to the world of Vardoran, its people, cultures, and history for a richer experience.

v rising developer update blog post new features changes lore history world people cultures
The lore and history of Vardoran, its people, and its cultures will be expanded in future updates. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

In terms of weaponry and combat abilities, one such weaponry, the Greatsword, was leaked during an interview with popular streamer Asmongold. In addition, there's a host of new weapons and abilities that will change combat tactics and make boss battles more dynamic and exciting.

Alongside planned updates to weaponry and abilities, game itemization changes are in development. These will make gear customization more detailed and further tailor V Blood abilities to better suit their playstyle.

v rising developer update blog post new features changes v blood bosses
With new biomes and areas coming soon, new V Blood bosses and enemies will also spawn in these areas. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

The developer has also planned much-needed balance changes to its PvE and PvP modes ranging from enemy spawns and new combat mechanics. Additionally, they're looking to change or improve repair and build costs which should contribute significantly toward the endgame content.

On the PvP side, they're planning to make some necessary improvements to its raiding system as there's plenty of room to make this mechanic more robust. Additionally, they're looking to revisit the Castle Territory mechanic to resolve various game exploits to enhance the overall PvP experience.

v rising developer update blog post new features changes pvp expereinces raiding system
V Rising developer looks to improve the game's PvP experience with a focus on its raiding system. (Picture: Stunlock Studios)

Generally, other features and mechanics are to be added and expanded on in subsequent updates. The fishing mechanic is still somewhat lackluster, yet there are various ways they want to make fishing a more relaxing and enjoyable activity.

Some management features are also being looked at, specifically connecting servants to Castles which should increase its effectiveness. In this way, players won't have to sacrifice crafting and survival elements for each other, making player progression more robust.

There will be some improvements to the game's audio which should make the gameplay atmospheric and immersive to existing and future game sounds. Lastly, controller support is to be added to the game at an unannounced time, and additional improvements for the Steam Deck.

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Featured image courtesy of Stunlock Studios.