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Diablo Immortal Fishing Activity: Gameplay Details & More

Everything we know so far about the fishing activity in Diablo Immortal, from release date window speculation to first details and more.
Diablo Immortal Fishing Activity: Gameplay Details & More

As Nephalem across Sanctuary continues to battle the hordes of the Burning Hells in Diablo Immortal on PC and mobile devices, they might need a bit of a less-violent task soon. That's where Diablo Immortal's fishing activity comes into play.

Fishing in ARPGs isn't anything new, really, as you can just look at the Torchlight franchise as a prime example. This consistently updated article explains everything we know so far about fishing in Diablo Immortal, from some release date window speculation to the details revealed this far.

Update on 28 February 2023: The Diablo Immortal Fishing feature is now live. Learn about it in an official post from Blizzard.

Our guide to all the Fish locations in Diablo Immortal will help you make quick work of the Angler's Log.

Is There Fishing in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal fishing activity release date rewards details 2023 content plans gameplay variety update
Fishing has been confirmed as a feature coming to Diablo Immortal in 2023. (Picture: Blizzard)

There is currently no fishing activity or any way to catch fish in Diablo Immortal. This will, however, change in 2023, as Blizzard has confirmed the upcoming feature.

When Will Diablo Immortal Fishing Activity Release?

Blizzard has confirmed via their content plans for Diablo Immortal that a fishing activity feature will be released for Diablo Immortal in 2023, so that's a release date window confirmed. Community Lead for Diablo Immortal, PezRadar, via a post on Reddit, shared the developers' plans for the year, mentioning fishing to add gameplay variety.

At the time of writing, there is no exact release date for Diablo Immortal's fishing activity. We suspect it will get released in the second half of 2023, likely before the new class.

Diablo Immortal Fishing Activity Feature Details

Diablo Immortal fishing activity release date rewards details 2023 content plans gameplay variety update
We will just have to sit and wait until the devs release Diablo Immortal's fishing activity later this year. (Picture: Blizzard)

As with everything else in Diablo Immortal, players should be able to earn a variety of rewards from the fishing activity. At the time of writing, however, there are no exact details except that this new activity will add gameplay variety.

Core to the Diablo experience is its moment-to-moment gameplay, making quick-witted choices to decimate droves of demons as you continue to enrich your character’s build with Sanctuary’s most-powerful gear. We will continue to release new Legendary Items to broaden Class build options. To add to our gameplay variety, we plan to introduce a new competitive mode and Fishing activity.

If we had to take a guess, we would assume fishing might work the same (or a bit watered down) as World of Warcraft, where you use a rod at a pool of fish and tap on an icon in Diablo Immortal once an on-screen indication is given that a fish has been hooked.

That's everything we know about the upcoming fishing activity in Diablo Immortal so far. We will endeavor to update this article as soon as more details become available.


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