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All Payday 3 Preset Weapons & Unlock Levels

We explain what Preset Weapons/Guns are in Payday 3 and the Infamy levels required to unlock them all at the
All Payday 3 Preset Weapons & Unlock Levels
Starbreeze Studios

Building a powerful arsenal in Payday 3 is part of the progression and fun! That's where Payday 3's Preset Weapons/Guns come into play, offering some powerful alternatives to baseline weapons.

In this guide, we explain what Preset Weapons are in Payday 3, the types available, and the Infamy level required to unlock each one at the Arms Dealer, so let's gear up and get started!

Update on 22 November 2023: We've updated this article with all the preset guns/weapons in Payday 3, and how to unlock them.

What are Preset Guns/Weapons in Payday 3?

Payday 3 preset weapons guns unlock infamy level requirement
Add some fantastic Preset Guns to your arsenal in Payday 3 by reaching a certain Infamy Level! (Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

At the Arms Dealer (in-game menu), Payday 3 players can purchase a variety of Preset Guns/Weapons. These weapons are powerful and feature specific attachments that players would generally have to unlock and add to their baseline weapon.

Attachments are not removable or changeable with Preset Weapons in Payday 3. They also have unique lore descriptions and a nickname.

How To Unlock Payday 3 Preset Guns

Payday 3 preset weapons guns unlock infamy level requirement
Preset Guns come with specific combinations of attachments and unique nicknames. (Picture: Starbreeze Studios)

At launch, there are fourteen (14) Preset Weapons/Guns in Payday 3, each with its own unique descriptions and set of attachments for players to acquire. Let's cut 

The table below outlines the Preset Guns in Payday 3, their types, and the Infamy level you need to reach to unlock them, so check it out!

Preset Weapon in Payday 3 Gun Type Infamy Level to Unlock
CAR-4 "Old Faithful" Assault Rifle Unlocks at level 1
Ziv Commando "Quick Murder" SMG Unlocks at level 7
R900S "Thunder Scythe" Marksman Rifle Unlocks at level 26
VF-7S "Featherlight" Assault Rifle Unlocks at level 40
A114 "Sentinel" Marksman Rifle Unlocks at level 49
Castigo 44 "Tin Hammer" Revolver Unlocks at level 60
S40 "Square Off" Pistol Unlocks at level 67
SP M11 "Hard Cough" Pistol Unlocks at level 86
R880 "Porch King" Shotgun Unlocks at level 93
CAR-4 "Monument" Assault Rifle Unlocks at level 100
KU-59 "Ruthless" Assault Rifle Unlocks at level 110
Stryk 7 "Hard Liquid" Pistol Unlocks at level 125
Bison "Long Rager" Revolver Unlocks at level 136
Mosconi 12C "The Poacher" Shotgun Unlocks at level 150

Once you've unlocked a Preset Gun in Payday 3, you can purchase it via the in-game Vendors menu with your hard-earned cash at the Arms Dealer. They can become quite expensive, so go farm some more heists if you are short on cash.

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In case you missed it, check out the action-packed launch trailer for Payday 3 and get ready for some heisting action with friends!

So there you have it, all the current Preset Weapons in Payday 3 and how you can unlock the ability to purchase them. If anything changes, or if more of these weapons become available, we will endeavor to update this article with haste. 

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