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WoW’s 19th Anniversary Rewards & Activities

World of Warcraft is turning 19 years old. To celebrate, there's a host of activities and rewards players can earn!
WoW’s 19th Anniversary Rewards & Activities

On 23 November 2023, the World of Warcraft (WoW) turns 19; that's more than old enough to vote and drive a car here in South Africa. The ever-popular MMORPG is still going strong with the Dragonflight expansion, and three more have already been announced. To celebrate WoW's 19th birthday, there are several activities you can participate in for some great rewards!

Here's what you need to know about WoW's 19th birthday celebrations, including the rewards and activities to enjoy!

Get WoW 19th Anniversary Achievement & Lil'Frostwing

world of warcraft wow 19 anniversary celebration rewards timewarped badges items loot old bosses classic alterac valley
World of Warcraft has expanded greatly over the years! (Picture: Blizzard)

The only thing you need to do to earn both WoW's 19th Anniversary achievement and get the Lil'Frostwing pet is log in between 17 November and 7 December 2023. You will get a special mail with Lil' Frostwing and an Anniversary Gift Package!

So what's in the package? Well, you will get 200 Timewarped Badges and an invitation from the Timewalkings. This will start a quest, "A Timely Invitation," which will lead you to the Caverns of Time to talk to Chromie. You'll also receive a Celebration Firework and a huge buff to experience and reputation (19% gains) via the Celebration Package!

WoW Trivia & Daily Quests

Do you think you know the history of the world...of Warcraft? Well, three new historians have joined the fun and festivities, namely Wolfgang, Cortagosa and Gnai. You can watch a tonne of old cinematics from the past and relive some of the greatest moments in WoW.

Then, you can also get daily quests from Historians Ju'pa and Llore. There are two daily quests where you can earn Timewarped Badges, answering WoW trivia and beating some old bosses.

Historian Ma’di Items To Purchase

world of warcraft wow 19 anniversary celebration rewards timewarped badges items loot old bosses classic alterac valley
Maybe it's time to learn a bit more about World of Warcraft's history...and goblins! (Picture: Blizzard)

You'll want to collect as money Timewarped Badges as possible since you can purchase a tonne of items/rewards from Ma'Di. Check them out below.




Celebration Package

Use to increase all experience and reputation gains by 19%.

15 Copper

Bronze-Tinted Sunglasses


200 Timewarped Badges

Celebration Wand – Gnoll

Consumable: Puts a Gnoll costume on a targeted party member.

25 Timewarped Badges

Celebration Wand – Murloc

Consumable: Puts a Murloc costume on a targeted party member.

25 Timewarped Badges

Celebration Wand – Quilboar

Consumable: Puts a Quilboar costume on a targeted party member.

25 Timewarped Badges

Celebration Wand – Trogg

Consumable: Puts a Trogg costume on a targeted party member.  

25 Timewarped Badges

Corgi Pup

Battle Pet: “His tiny legs make him more aerodynamic.”

200 Timewarped Badges

Crafted Cloak of War


200 Timewarped Badges

Exquisite Costume Set: “Edwin VanCleef”

Consumable: “An intricate replica, down to the very strands of hair. It will wear out over time.”

200 Timewarped Badges

Inflatable Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker

Consumable: “Equip your Inflatable Thunderfury.”

50 Timewarped Badges

Overtuned Corgi Goggles

Toy: Designed to make your friends look adorable.

200 Timewarped Badges

Timeless Mechanical Dragonling

Battle Pet: “Dragons come in all types of temporal classification — timeless, time-lost, and even infinite.”

200 Timewarped Badges

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti Costume

Consumable: “Dress up like a Yeti.”

50 Timewarped Badges

Illidari Doomhawk Mount: "Once a year, a rift in time appears, and strange things occur. The Illidari scouts and Doomwalker were quite surprised to find themselves in Tanaris." 5000 Timewarped Badges

The Old Alterac Valley Returns!

world of warcraft wow 19 anniversary celebration rewards timewarped badges items loot old bosses classic alterac valley
There's going to be a lot of chaos and long battles in the original Alterac Valley...(Picture: Blizzard)

Okay, so this is going to be chaos. The old Alterac Valley battleground has returned for WoW's 19th Anniversary celebrations. Blizzard explains:

Run down your enemies, raze their fortifications, and exchange the tokens you loot from their corpses to summon mighty reinforcements in Korrak’s Revenge, a throwback Battleground inspired by the earliest days of Alterac Valley.

Players who participate in Korrak’s Revenge and complete the bonus objective to obtain 200 Timewarped Badges from the event can earn two mounts: the Stormpike Battle Ram (Alliance) and the Frostwolf Snarler (Horde).

In case you weren't around, Alterac Valley in the first years of WoW was absolutely disgusting, with players battling for hours on end. This is going to be a whole lot of fun!

Old WoW Bosses & Rewards

You can slay classic bosses in celebration of WoW turning 19 years old and earn even more Timewarped Badges for your efforts. Those who've reached level 30 or higher can face Azuregos, Lord Kazzak, and one of the four Dragons of Nightmare each day.

You can also take on Doomwalker with the weekly quest "Doomwalkin’ Has Come Knockin" for even more rewards, including a chance at getting the new Azure Worldchiller mount and Doomwalker Trophy Stand toy!

You can also earn some more items via drops by defeating these classic WoW bosses, from Faceguard of the Endless Watch to Akama’s Edge.

Enjoy, and all the best of luck in your time-traveling adventures and trivia questions, heroes of Azeroth!


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.