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WotLK Classic Herbalism Leveling Guide - WoW

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic features new herbs and levels. Here's how to completely max your Herbalism Profession.
WotLK Classic Herbalism Leveling Guide - WoW

World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic (WotLK) launched on 26th September 2022. Since then, players have been journeying across Northrend, leveling to 80, and maxing out their Professions. 

With the introduction of new herbs to gather, now couldn't be the perfect time to max out your Herbalism Profession. This guide details how to level your Herbalism Profession as fast as possible, from level 350 to 450.

WoW WotLK Classic Herbalism Profession Guide

world of warcraft wrath of the lich king classic herbalism ability lifeblood
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic features a new Herbalism ability called Lifeblood.

New WoW WotLK Herbalism Ability

Herbalism received a major update in WotLK, making it an extremely useful Profession, providing a castable ability called Lifeblood that regenerates health over time.

The amount of health it heals depends on your proficiency with the Profession. This ability has a cooldown, meaning you can use it like a healing potion but repeatedly.

  • Lifeblood (Rank 1) - Heals 300 health over 5 seconds at 75 Herbalism Proficiency.

  • Lifeblood (Rank 2) - Heals 480 health over 5 seconds at 150 Herbalism Proficiency.

  • Lifeblood (Rank 3) - Heals 720 health over 5 seconds at 225 Herbalism Proficiency.

  • Lifeblood (Rank 4) - Heals 900 health over 5 seconds at 300 Herbalism Proficiency.

  • Lifeblood (Rank 5) - Heals 1,200 health over 5 seconds at 375 Herbalism Proficiency.

  • Lifeblood (Rank 6)  - Heals 3,600 health over 5 seconds at 450 Herbalism Proficiency.

WotLK Classic Herbalism Leveling

world of warcraft wrath of the lich king classic herb nodes
World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Classic features new herb nodes.

With WotLK introducing new herbs, the Proficiency cap for Herbalism has also risen. The new Herbalism Proficiency cap is 450. In addition, Northrend also features nine new herbs to collect: Goldclover, Firethorn, Tiger Lily, Talandra’s Rose, Adder’s Tongue, Frozen Herb, Lichbloom, Icethron, and Frost Lotus.

Noting that there will probably be tons of Herbalists scouring fields and looking to collect these herbs, it’s best to search for these nodes while questing.

Leveling alone from level 70 to 80 will take a fairly long time, so while grinding quests in Northrend, you should casually pick up herbs along the way instead of spending hours farming them in a single hunt through widely-popular areas.

Here are the herbs you should collect at certain Proficiencies and where to get them.

Borean Tundra- Herbalism 350 to 425 - Goldclover, Fire Leaf, and Tiger Lily

fire leaf borean tundra
You can find Fire Leaf at Borean Tundra.
  • Goldclover is found in open areas without snowfall, practically anywhere except the Northern snowy parts of Northrend. You can collect Goldclover at 350, but gathering it becomes obsolete at Herbalism 400.

  • Fire Leaf is found near geyser pools in the Northeast area of Borean Tundra. You can collect Fire Leaf at Herbalism 360, but gathering it becomes useless at 410.

  • Tiger Lily is found by Lake Kum'uya at the center of the map. Although there’s a limited amount of herbs in this area, it’s worth noting that you can only gather Tiger Lily at 375, and collecting them becomes useless at Herbalism 425.

Howling Fjord - Herbalism 350 to 425 - Goldclover and Tiger Lily

tiger lily howling fjord
You can find Tiger Lily at Howling Fjord.
  • Goldclover is found anywhere where snow doesn’t fall. It’s also worth knowing that, although the Howling Fjord may be hard to traverse, it provides more herbs than Borean Tundra.

  • Tiger Lily is found near lake and river shores. If you’re hunting down Tiger Lily, many more of them are located in the Howling Fjord than Borean Tundra. 

Grizzly Hills - Herbalism 350 to 425 - Goldclover and Tiger Lily

goldclover grizzly hills
You can find Goldclover at Grizzly Hills.
  • Goldclover and Tiger Lily can be found in Grizzly Hills along the same aforementioned areas across Howling Fjord. The difference is that there are a lot more herbs in Grizzly Hills than in Howling Fjord and Borean Tundra combined.

Zul’Drak - Herbalism 385 to 450 - Talandra’s Rose and Frozen Herb

frozen herb zuldrak
You can find Frozen Herb at Zul'Drak.
  • Talandra's Rose is found abundantly near walls, structures, and bodies of water in non-snowy areas of Zul’Drak. Do note that collecting Talandra’s Rose is only possible at Herbalism 385 and becomes obsolete at 435.

  • Frozen Herb is found near snowy trees and bushes in Zul’Drak and is only collectible at Herbalism 415. Frozen Herb will help you cap Herbalism at 450.

Dragonblight - Herbalism 400 to 450 - Goldclover and Frozen Herb

goldclover dragonblight
You can find Goldclover at Dragonblight.
  • Goldclover is found in the two dragon shrines in Dragonblight, located at the West and Southeast of Wyrmrest Temple.  

  • Frozen Herb is found everywhere in Dragonblight, except near Wyrmrest Temple.

Sholazar Basin - Herbalism 350 - 450 - Goldclover, Tiger Lily, and Adder’s Tongue

adders tongue sholazar basin
You can find Adder's Tongue at Sholazar Basin.
  • Goldclover is found in the North, West, and Southwest areas of the Sholazar Basin.

  • Tiger Lily is found at the center of the map and near bodies of water.

  • Adder’s Tongue is abundant throughout Sholazar Basin and makes this zone among the best places to farm Herbalism levels, mainly because herbs are easy to find here. However, note that you can only farm Adder’s Tongue at 400, and it will get you to Herbalism 450.

The Storm Peaks - Herbalism 425 to 450 - Lichbloom and Icethorn

icethorn the storm peaks
You can find Icethorn at The Storm Peaks.
  • Lichbloom and Icethorn can be found everywhere except Ulduar. It’s worth noting that although this zone has many of these herbs, it may be regularly contested since they sell pretty well. Keep in mind that Lichbloom can be farmed at Herbalism 425, while Icethorn can only be collected at 435. Both will get you to Herbalism 450.

Icecrown - Herbalism 425 to 450 - Lichbloom and Icethorn

lichbloom icecrown
You can find Lichbloom at Icecrown.
  • Lichbloom and Icethorn are everywhere in Icethorn except Ymirheim and Onslaught Harbor. Although this zone has many elite and hard-to-kill enemies, it might be best to farm for these herbs in The Storm Peaks.

Wintergrasp - Herbalism 425 to 450 - Lichbloom, Icethorn, and Frost Lotus

frost lotus wintergrasp
You can find Frost Lotus at Wintergrasp.
  • Lichbloom and Icethorn can be found throughout Wintergrasp. Although it’s a little hard to traverse these lands, at Herbalism 450, you can find Frost Lotus from farming Lichbloom and Icethorn.

And that’s all there is to it. Feel free to explore Northrend and search for these herbs. We want to thank Wowhead community member Ragor for their highly detailed rundown of WotLK Herbalism. Feel free to dive into the nitty-gritty details in his rundown of leveling Herbalism.

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