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PvE Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Guide - WoW WotLK Classic

If you want to try something unique in the WotLK expansion in terms of PvE, definitely check out this Beast Mastery Hunter guide.
PvE Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Guide - WoW WotLK Classic

With the launch of WoW WotLK, players all over the world have been trying new and unique builds in PvE. Players are eager to try some new builds to enjoy this expansion.

So whether you are building a Retribution Paladin or another build, players have plenty of choices on how to enjoy WotLK. Here, we are going to go over how you should build a Beast Mastery Hunter for PvE gameplay.

Building A Beast Mastery Hunter DPS For PvE

WoW WotLK Beast Mastery Hunter
There are many different types of pets you can tame as a Beast Mastery Hunter. (Picture: Blizzard/

To start, why would you want to build a Beast Mastery Hunter DPS for PvE? Well, there are a couple of reasons why you should consider this build.

To start, some of the strengths of a Beast Mastery Hunter are that these hunters have amazing burst damage and are fantastic at dishing out AOE damage. They are also great in raids because of the buff Ferocious Inspiration which increases the damage for those who are near your pet.

Just be aware that there is one major weakness when it comes to Beast Mastery Hunters. They lack defensive options and are not great at self-healing. Hunting alone is not really advised for that reason.

But Beast Mastery Hunters definitely have options when it comes to Utility. They have traps and Tranquilizing Shot, which gives you a chance to remove 1.000 Frenzy from an enemy creature. This could be very useful in raids.

So let us begin building a Beast Mastery Hunter. If you want to be part of the Horde, choosing to be an Orc is your best option. Orcs have the racial passive called Command, which gives pets a 5% damage bonus. Out of all the races, Orcs are the best for Beast Mastery Hunters.

If you want to be part of the Alliance though, you should consider being a Draenei is the way to go. Draenei have Heroic Presence which increases your chance to hit spells and attacks by 1% for all party members. But overall, Orcs are the best choice for Beast Mastery Hunter DPS.

WoW WotLK Beast Mastery Hunter
Take a look at this Talent build guide for Beast Mastery Hunter. (Picture:

As you can see, you will want to focus your talents on Beast Mastery. But that is not all, a good amount of your points should head to Marksmanship as well. You can leave survival alone for Beast Mastery Hunters in PvE.

Once you have your build down, it's time to hunt some monsters. Your rotation is unique because it requires you to use your pet to attack as well. Here is the Beast Mastery Hunter DPS PvE rotation:

  1. Kill Command
  2. Kill Shot
  3. Serpent Sting
  4. Multi-Shot
  5. Arcane Shot
  6. Steady Shot

Remember to use Kill Command on cooldown because that increases your pets damage output significantly.

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