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World of Warcraft Dragonflight - Dragonriding Gameplay, Skills, and Unlocks

The new World of Warcraft Dragonflight will allow players to take command of the skies using the skills of Dragonriding.
World of Warcraft Dragonflight - Dragonriding Gameplay, Skills, and Unlocks
The new World of Warcraft expansion Dragonflight has announced some exciting new features including the Dragonriding ability. Become a master dragon rider by improving your skills and unlocking new ways to improve your WoW flying experience.

Four new drake mounts will be added with the launch of Dragonflight. These mounts will be fully customizable with different dragon features as well as various choices for armour.

World of Warcraft Dragonriding Gameplay

World of Warcraft sky Dragonriding
Flying will have a whole new meaning in World of Warcraft Dragonflight with Dragonriding. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

Although dragon mounts were already available in the game, the new Dragonriding mastery will provide players with a new and improved flying experience. 

Players will have to acquire Dragonriding to soar in the skies above the Dragon Isles, but it will be available from the start of the expansion. There will be new flight and physics mechanics added to give flying a new twist and bring the experience back to life.

While riding on one of the four customizable drakes, players will have to maintain exhaustion and fight against gravity. On top of that, certain NPCs will be able to knock a player off their dragon.

Players won’t just be flying through the skies as a means of travelling because manoeuvres and aerial attacks will be usable with Dragonriding skills. The Dragon Isles were designed with Dragonriding in mind, so the maps will be expansive and have drastic differences in elevations.

WoW Dragonriding Skills and Unlocks

WoW Flying Dragonriding Skills Dragonflight
Weave through the skies over the Dragon Isles with different unlockable skills. (Picture: Blizzard Entertainment)

A Dragonriding skill tree will be added to allow for unique Dragonriding options. These skills will include diving, rolling, and other aerial manoeuvres to help players navigate and claim the skies around the Dragon Isles.

The drake mounts will start with low speeds and require more work for travelling, but as the Dragonriding skill is improved, speeds and travelling will become much easier.

Once the max level is achieved, there will be additional challenges and hiding spots for ancient glyphs that will improve their skills and add more customization options.

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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.