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WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation Spec Details & Abilities

In this guide, we'll explain how the new Evoker Augmentation works and discuss the details and abilities associated with it in the new Fractures of Time content update for World of Warcraft Dragonflight.
WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation Spec Details & Abilities

After the recent launch of Season 2, a brand new content update is on the way for World of Warcraft: Dragonflight. This update will be injecting tons of new content into the game, and one feature, in particular, is the addition of a new Evoker Specialization called Augmentation.

If you're excited about this new feature and want to know more then you're in the right place. This guide will break down everything you need to know about the new Augmentation Specialization for all Evokers in WoW Dragonflight. 

WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation Spec Details

The new Evoker Augmentation Spec (Specialization) is a new "Damage Dealer role with a twist" according to the developer's recent breakdown of the new feature. The simple explanation is that it uses the essence of Black and Bronze Dragonflights to amplify and boost the abilities of your nearby allies, acting as a sort of "support" Specialization.

WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation Details
The new Evoker Specialization is called Augmentation and it gives players a support/buff-type skillset to try out. (Picture: Blizzard)

The play style for this new specialization involves empowering your allies with a variety of beneficial effects. Some can be cast directly on your allies, while others are tied to using your damage-dealing abilities effectively.

Simply put, Augmentation acts as a force multiplier, increasing their group's capabilities (and damage output) significantly.

WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation Spec Abilities

Augmentation abilities provide buffs that can affect your entire party or specific members. Some of these abilities have automatic targeting based on proximity or intelligence, allowing you to concentrate on the battlefield and enemies. You can still choose to target specific party members, but you have the freedom to support your allies in any way you choose.

WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation Details Abilities
The new Augmentation Spec gives you a host of new skills to try in a brand new skill tree. (Picture: Blizzard)

Each aspect of magic has unique abilities that represent Augmentation. Black Dragonflight magic focuses on increasing power and causing earth-shattering outbursts. Bronze Dragonflight magic centers on manipulating time, altering fate, and shifting timelines to create tremendous effects. These sample abilities below showcase the distinct strengths of Augmentation's different magical aspects.

Ebon Might

  • 1.5-second cast, 30-second cooldown.
  • Increase your 4 nearest allies’ primary stat by a percentage of your own, and cause your Eruption to deal more damage for 10 sec. Some of your other spells extend the duration of these effects.


  • 2-second cast. Costs 3 Essence. Replaces Disintegrate.
  • Cause a violent eruption beneath an enemy’s feet, dealing Volcanic damage split between them and nearby enemies. Increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects.


  • 2.5-second empower 40-second cooldown.
  • Gather earthen power beneath your enemy’s feet and send them hurtling upwards, dealing Volcanic damage to them and nearby enemies. Empowering expands the area of effect. Increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects.

Breath of Eons

  • 1.5-minute cooldown. Replaces "Deep Breath".
  • Fly to the targeted location, exposing Temporal Wounds on enemies in your path for 10 sec. Temporal Wounds accumulate a portion of damage dealt by your allies, and then critically strike the enemy for that amount at the end of the duration. Increases the duration of your active Ebon Might effects.

Draconic Attunements (Passive)

  • Learn to attune yourself to the essence of the Black or Bronze Dragonflights:
    • Black Attunement grants you and your 4 nearest allies increased maximum health.
    • Bronze Attunement grants you and your 4 nearest allies increased movement speed.

Blistering Scales

  • Protect an ally with explosive Dragonscales, increasing their Armor by a percentage of your own. Melee attacks against them cause a scale to explode, dealing Volcanic damage to enemies near them.

Bestow Weyrnstone

  • Conjure a pair of Weyrnstones, one for your target ally and one for yourself. A weyrnstone can be activated by the bearer to transport them to the other Weyrnstone's location if they are within 100 yds.

There will naturally be a brand new spec tree to explore for the new Augmentation Evokers who can choose to specialize in either Bronze or Black magic, as well as discover new ways to power up their allies. As long as you're willing to experiment with it and try out all the abilities at your disposal, the Augmentation Spec is worth trying.

WoW Dragonflight Evoker Augmentation More details to come
There may be more changes and fine-tuning made to the new Spec, so be sure to check back here regularly for more updates. (Picture: Blizzard)

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the new Evoker Augmentation Specialization coming to WoW Dragonflight soon. The developers have stated that they are still working on the finer details of the implementation, so if any changes or updates are made, you can rest assured that this article will be updated accordingly. 


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.