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How To Get The Unbalanced Idol In WoW SoD

Discover here what needs to be done to get the Unbalanced Idol in WoW SoD.
How To Get The Unbalanced Idol In WoW SoD

World of Warcraft has undergone a lot of changes in the past few months, and in 2024, there will be a lot more new content for players to enjoy as well. This is especially true for those who play WoW Classic, for the Season of Discovery has only started. Items like Runes have completely changed how players approach WoW.

Runes allow players to get new abilities and completely change the gameplay for their favorite classes. But getting some new Runes can be difficult, especially if players do not know where to look. Sometimes, players will need to find certain items to get new Runes. Here, we are going to go over how to get the Unbalanced Idol in WoW SoD.

How To Find The Unbalanced Idol In WoW SoD

WoW SoD Unbalanced Idol
Find the right enemy to farm for the Unbalanced Idol in WoW SoD. (Picture: Blizzard/MANBEARCOW GAMING On YouTube)

For those who are unaware, this mission line is for players who are using the Druid Class in WoW SoD. To get started, players should make their way to the Silverpine Forest. From there, players will have to hunt Moonrage Whitescalps and Moonrage Darkrunners, which are common enemies in this area.

Both of these enemies will drop Unbalanced Idols. But it is a rare drop so it could take a while before one is dropped by either enemy. To make farming as easy as possible, we suggest that players hunt these two enemies at Level 13. The max cap for their levels is 12, so being at 13 will make farming these enemies for the Unbalanced Idol much easier.

How To Use The Unbalanced Idol In WoW SoD

WoW SoD Unbalanced Idol
Using the Unbalanced Idol in WoW SoD can be difficult. (Picture: Blizzard/MANBEARCOW GAMING On YouTube)

Getting the Unbalanced Idol is actually the easy part, but using it can be difficult. Players will want to turn the Unbalanced Idol into a Balanced Idol. To do that, players will have to charge the Unbalanced Idol by using spells while it is equipped. There are three different charges that the Unbalanced Idol needs.

  • Players should use Moonfire to get five charges on the idol (could take more than five spell casts for it to work).
  • Players should heal themselves five times to charge the idol.
  • Players need to shapeshift five times to charge the idol.

Once all 15 charges happen, players will get the Rune of Lacerate. The Rune of Lacerate will be equipped with Gloves and will require players to have Bear or Dire Bear shapeshift ability. Laceratte will make enemies bleed for 15 seconds and cause a high amount of threat as well.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.