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WoW Volcoross Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

Volcoross is one of the bosses for the new Amirdrassil raid in World of Warcraft Dragonflight and we go over how to beat it.
WoW Volcoross Boss Tactics, Abilities & Loot in Amirdrassil Raid

We are now in Season 3 of World of Warcraft Dragonflight. With the launch of Season 3, there has been a lot of new content that has been added. One of the most exciting pieces of content is the new Amirdrassil Raid that is now available. This raid features new bosses, which, of course, means new loot to collect as well.

End-game content like raids is what most WoW Dragonflight fans are looking for. To get through the raids, they will have to take down a variety of different bosses. One of the bosses they will have to face in the Amirdrassil raid is Volcoross. Here, we will go over how to beat Volcoross in WoW Dragonflight and what kind of rewards players can expect to get.

How To Beat Volcoross In Amirdrassil Raid In WoW Dragonflight

How To Beat Volcoross
Tanks will need to work together to properly soak each debuff in the Volcoross fight. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

The absolute key to beating Volcoross in the Amirdrassil Raid is to split the raiding party into two groups. One group goes clockwise, the other moves counterclockwise. That is because of the Flood of the Firelands special ability. Players need to soak both meteors, which are far apart, and if they fail to, it will be a party wipe.

The two main tanks will want to work together they are taunting to make sure the one with the stacking debuff does not wipe out. Do not get caught by Scorchtail Crash, either indicated by a large shadow. This will deal lethal damage that almost nobody will survive. The absolute key here is to make sure each group soaks the Flood of the Firelands meteor drops, and the raid should be relatively easy.

All Volcoross Loot In Amirdrassil Raid In WoW Dragonflight

Volcoross WoW Dragonflight
Failing to soak both meteors will mean failing the Volcoross fight in WoW Dragonflight. (Picture: Blizzard/Hazelnuttygames on YouTube)

The big reward for taking down Volcoross is the possible loot that it can drop. Every boss in the Amirdrassil Raid will drop a variety of items that players will want to pick up. Players will want to plan ahead to know which piece of loot they want. Here is a list of all the Volcoross loot in the Amirdrassil Raid:

  • Vesture of the Smoldering Serpent - Cloth Chest
  • Lost Scholar's Belted Treads - Cloth Feet
  • Primordial Serpent's Bindings - Leather Wrist
  • Flamewaker's Grips - Leather Hands
  • Snake Eater's Cowl - Mail Head
  • Jeweled Sash of the Viper - Mail Waist
  • Volcanic Spelunker's Vents - Plate Shoulder
  • Lavaforged Sollerets - Plate Feet
  • Ouroboreal Necklet - Neck Accessory (Very Rare)
  • Volcoross's Barbed Fang - One-handed Sword
  • Magmatic Volcannon - Ranged Gun
  • Coiled Serpent Idol - Trinket

As noted, there are plenty of different pieces of equipment for a variety of different builds here. Each player should look ahead to plan on which piece of loot they will be going after for each boss in the Amirdrassil Raid.


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.