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Who is the world-first TBC Classic level 70?

With dozens of World of Warcraft players now at max level in Burning Crusade Classic, we answer the question of who became the world-first level 70.
Who is the world-first TBC Classic level 70?
With World of Warcraft: Classic players heading into Burning Crusade Classic, there's a whole lot of commotion about who is the actual world-first level 70. On 2nd June 2021, you could see countless "world-first" race streams, as well as community forum posts claiming this person and that person was the first to reach level 70 in TBC Classic. If you are wondering who it actually was, we've got you covered.

The world-first TBC Classic level 70

After a lot of research and confirmations from both WoWHead as well as Ice-Veins, we are now confident to say we know who the world-first TBC Classic level 70 is.

Despite Mages generally hitting many of the world-firsts thanks to their AOE abilities, it was a Warlock this time around. The player's nickname is Hacez from the guild <Progress> on Firemaw (EU).

world-first level 70 TBC Classic world of warcraft hacez progress guild(Picture: Reddit)

Hacez grouped up with members of his guild as they grinded out dungeons over and over again to reach level 70 in roughly 14 hours since the servers went live.

Most of the other group members hit level 70 in Burning Crusade Classic shortly afterwards but it has been confirmed that Hacez was, in fact, the first player in the world to achieve this feat.

Speaking of world-firsts in TBC Classic, Hacez' guild, <Progress> went on to become the first guild in the world to clear all tier 4 raid content.

This feat includes killing all bosses in Karazan, as well as Gruul's Lair and Magtheridon. Without a doubt, these players have been grinding since the release of TBC Classic, and probably celebrated with a long nap.

Congratulations go out to Hacez and <Progress> for these feats of skill and persistence.

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