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WoW Condensed Magic Types & Possible Primordial Stones

All types of Condensed Magic in WoW Dragonflight and which Primordial Stones you can expect to get by spending your Dormant Primordial Fragments.
WoW Condensed Magic Types & Possible Primordial Stones

In World of Warcraft (WoW) Dragonflight patch 10.0.7, a new character progression system was released. Heroes of Azeroth can collect Primordial Stones to add to their Onyx Annulet, found in the Zskera Vault. While you will find many Primordial Stones, you can also use Condensed Magic types to create even more.

This guide explains all the Condensed Magic Types and the Primordial Stones you can possibly get by spending your Dormant Primordial Fragments, so let's get started.

WoW Dragonflight Condensed Magic Types & Gems

wow dragonflight condensed magic types primordial stones world of warcraft update 10.0.7
Get Primordial Stones inside the Zskera Vaults or create some with Condensed Magic! (Picture: Blizzard)

First of all, in case you are new to Dragonflight patch 10.0.7, you can head to a Blacksmith to break an unwanted Primordial Stone, which provides you with six (6) Dormant Primordial Fragments.

Then, head to Researcher Imareth at Morqut Village to purchase Primordial Stones for a Condensed Magic type. 

The table below, as per info via WoWHead, showcases the Condensed Magic types and the possible Primordial Stones you can get from them in WoW Dragonflight. Yes, there is a little bit of RNG involved, but if you open a tonne of Zskera Vault weekly, you should have no problem finding the Primordial Stones you like the most.

Condensed Magic Type
Possible Primordial Stones (Gems)
Condensed Arcane Magic
Harmonic Music Stone
Humming Arcane Stone
Obscure Pastel Stone
Sparkling Mana Stone
Condensed Earth Magic
Gleaming Iron Stone
Indomitable Earth Stone
Shining Obsidian Stone
Condensed Fire Magic
Entropic Fel Stone
Flame Licked Stone
Raging Magma Stone
Searing Smokey Stone
Condensed Frost Magic
Cold Frost Stone
Deluging Water Stone
Exuding Steam Stone
Freezing Ice Stone
Condensed Nature Magic
Echoing Thunder Stone
Pestilent Plague Stone
Storm Infused Stone
Wild Spirit Stone
Wind Sculpted Stone
Condensed Necromantic Magic
Desirous Blood Stone
Necromantic Death Stone
Condensed Shadow Magic
Prophetic Twilight Stone
Swirling Mojo Stone

That's the complete list of all Condensed Magic types and the possible Primordial Stones you can get from spending 10 Dormant Primordial Fragments. Clearly, there's a bit of luck involved to get that Primordial Stone you really need right away.

Learn more about Primordial Stones in WoW Dragonflight in the fantastic video from YouTuber Dratnos below.

That's all the Condensed Magic types in WoW Dragonflight update 10.0.7 that players need to know about, alongside the possible corresponding Primordial Stones. Good luck!


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Featured image courtesy of Blizzard.