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6 advanced tips for Apex Legends

6 advanced tips for Apex Legends

Still looking to improve your Apex Legends game? We’ve compiled six tips and debunked-myths to ensure you continue to dominate King’s Canyon. Apex-Kings-Canyon-300x125.jpg

BREAKING: Dropping hot is a bad idea, says Shroud

In what was probably the most controversial thing he has said, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek recently billed the notorious practice of “hot dropping” as “stupid”. Places like Skull Town and Bunker are voted two of the most popular drop locations and you’ll regularly find immediate action at both. This does, however, lead to an often mundane mid-game because the majority of teams are wiped out early, a criticism similar to competitor Fortnite's Tilted Towers. The same can be said for the randomly allocated “Hot Zone”. Unless you’re actively looking for kills and kills only, it’s a better idea to explore the rest of the map – after all, there’s loot everywhere.

Gun recoil is random and can never be fully “stabilised”

I’ve introduced a lot of people to Apex Legends and one piece of advice I’ve always given is to spend some time in training mode learning how to shoot the various guns. Across many shooters, learning the gunfire recoil will always be considered solid advice, and is no different in Apex Legends. However, the vertical recoil is actually random and not fixed. “Barrel stabilisers” reduce the randomness of the recoil, not the direct effects of recoil. A level one stabiliser will decrease randomness by up to 20%, scaling by 5% up to level four. Full control is impossible but learning to adapt on the fly isn’t.

Reviving isn’t always the best option


Reviving your downed teammate to get them back in the fight seems like a no-brainer, but whether you should is a whole other discussion in itself. Was it a sniper that downed them from the other side of Wetlook? Fair enough, then get to cover and bring them back. But was it a shotgun kill and that player is now running around the other side of the building your holding up in? Then it might be best to prepare for the fight and attempt to subdue the enemy first. Even Lifeline is vulnerable while reviving and you should always be aware of your surroundings. A coordinated squad will almost always be pushing a team forced on the back foot.

Take a chance on Randoms

Ah, solo-queueing, the bane of many competitive gamers existence. Some SMITE players used to even compare it to “visiting the zoo”. What’s that, the whole squad isn’t online tonight? Dammit, looks like we're at the mercy of a random. Oh, they’re dropping solo? Noob! Not necessarily. In fact, dropping solo will actually make you travel faster. If they have already acknowledged your location ping, then chances are they are dropping solo to fly there as quickly as possible before any enemies arrive. Sure, that isn’t always the case and sometimes they are actually heading straight for the hot zone on the other side of the map, but Apex Legends has a diverse player base. Give random teammates the benefit of the doubt. Even switch from party to game chat for a while. They just might surprise you.

Heavy ammo has a passive slowing effect

Have you ever been trying to run to cover while under fire but seemed to not be moving as fast as your character normally would? That’s because heavy ammo will naturally decrease your movement speed on hit. Legends like Bangalore and Octane can work around this with their respective passive and tactical ability, but others may be forced to stand and fight. If you’ve recognised your opponent’s heavy weapon from its gunfire, then make sure you are near cover or have a plan to deal with them.

The Kraber sucks


I’m not memeing you. Since the Kraber .50-Cal Sniper is only available through random supply drops, it’s easy to write off this legendary tier weapon as one of the best in the game. It certainly has the firepower – direct head shots can do up to 250 damage while body shots deal 125 – but it’s time to face a cruel truth: sniper rifles are off-meta. Apex Legends is a close quarters to mid-range shooter with fast, consistent sources of healing like Shield Cells and Lifeline’s fast healing passive. Downing an enemy from 300m away may feel satisfying, but by the time your team has begun the push, they have crawled behind a wall, been revived and are ready to defend against further attack. Their allied Wraith may already be creating a portal behind you for the impending flank. Unless you’re confident in your aiming abilities and are in a position to finish the job, it might be better to keep away from this weapon.