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Everything that's coming in Apex Legends Season 2

Everything that's coming in Apex Legends Season 2

Season 2 of Apex Legends is fast approaching, with the date of July 2 set for a whole host of new content and updates for Apex Legends fans.

But what exactly is coming with Season 2? Let's take a look.


Ranked mode

During EA Play at E3, it was announced that Season 2 will bring a ranked mode to Apex Legends. Ranks go from Bronze (the lowest) up to Apex Predator. Each tier will use "special match-making", so those on higher tiers may face longer queues as they wait for more players of their skill level to search. This sounds pretty similar to how any other standard ranked playlist works.

They also said that players will earn rewards based on how they perform throughout each season of ranked play, to prove your worth the next season.

New legends


Also at EA Play, it was revealed that some leaks from a few months ago turned out to be true, and a French electric-fence loving Legend is on its way to Apex.

Wattson is a support character who utilises electrical equipment to get the better of her enemies. And she's probably a pretty handy person to have on the team – according to EA, her father was one of the people who created the Apex arena, constructing the electrical fences circling the arena.

This is what Wattson's tactical ability is; place electrical fences around the map to prevent enemies from getting past. Best start figuring out ways to get around this – or, even better, to use it to your advantage.

New battle pass

The battle pass is set to provide even more exclusive content from July 2, from various Daily and Weekly Challenges to new Legendary skins and more Crafting Metal.

The battle pass will allegedly have more legendary-rarity items, no badges or basic stat trackers, and items from “three new content categories” that have yet to be revealed. It seems that Respawn is definitely aiming to offer battle pass owners even more content over the coming weeks.

New weapons


The new L-Star Large Machine Gun (pictured above) is on its way to Apex Legends, and it looks set to be a good one.

It’s a slow-firing, heavy-impact LMG that will only spawn in supply drops, an energy weapon made to deal a whole lot of damage. But it's not completely unbalanced. If fired for too long, the weapon can overheat, and if it overheats then the lens has to be replaced – a slow process.

Weapon balancing

As well as a new weapon coming in, we're going to be seeing some weapon balancing in Season 2. The Flatline, P2020, Alternator, and Triple Take will all receive buffs to make them more viable, with the P2020, Mozambique and Alternator also getting new attachments.

Weapon stacks are changing, with a max stack of 64 shotgun shells decreasing to 16 and 60 energy ammo increasing to 80.

Furthermore, players will get more suitable weapons from supply drops based on where in the game you are. For example, you're more likely get an Alternator SMG in the smaller circles or a Longbow sniper at the start of the match.

That's pretty much all of the important updates we're going to see in the Apex Legends season 2 battle pass, and from season 2 in general. With it looking to be even bigger than Season 1, we're excited for it!