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Call of Duty
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Best 3-Line Rifle loadout in COD Vanguard beta: Attachments, kit, and proficiency

If you want the fastest sniping weapon in Call of Duty: Vanguard open beta, check out the best 3-Line Rifle class setup with all the best attachments, perks, kit, and proficiency.
The COD Vanguard open beta is finally here and we are excited to start experimenting with all the currently available weapons.

As someone who personally likes to play with snipers, one of the first weapons I wanted to test is the 3-Line Rifle, one of the only two currently available snipers in the game, alongside the Kar98K.

It's a fantastic weapon for players who like one-shot kills as it boasts immense power capable of killing people with just one bullet in most cases.

Best 3-Line Rifle loadout in COD Vanguard beta: Attachments, perks, and proficiency
The 3-Line Rifle is one of the two currently available snipers in COD Vanguard beta. (Picture: Activision)

Of course, there is a big downside as well. Described as one of the heaviest weapons, the 3-Line Rifle is really slow both in terms of manoeuvrability and in terms of your mobility. You will feel that slowness in your movement and when trying to aim down sight.

But for those of you confident in your sniping skill, this rifle can provide opportunities for some stylish multi-kills, especially if you use the right attachments.

Best 3-Line Rifle class setup in COD Vanguard beta

Best 3-Line Rifle loadout in COD Vanguard beta: Attachments, perks, and proficiency
This 3-Line Rifle class setup will drastically improve your ADS speed. (Picture: Activision)

With this build, we will try to negate the negative sides of the 3-Line Rifle and make it somewhat more explosive, so that you don't have to wait a lot between shots.

These are currently the best attachments for the 3-Line Rifle in COD Vanguard beta:

  • Barrel: 270MM Voz Carbine
    As we've mentioned, the weapon is really heavy, and the 270MM Voz Carbine will improve ADS speed while reducing damage range, which is not really an issue on mostly small Vanguard maps.
  • Stock: ZAC Custom MZ
    Further improves ADS speed and overall recoil
    Best 3-Line Rifle loadout in COD Vanguard beta: Attachments, perks, and proficiency
    The ZAC Custom MZ cons are really negligible for this build. (Picture: Activision)
  • Rear Grip: Leather Grip
    Even more ADS speed. This weapon is really slow, and we need that fast reaction time in order to take out targets before they spot you.
  • Ammo Type: FMJ Rounds
    It gives +1 on bullet penetration, making you even more deadly.
  • Proficiency: Awareness
    It helps us to spot the enemies faster.
  • Kit: Deep Breath
    Improves your breath-holding, which means better control and thus easier aiming.

And there you have it, the best 3-Line Rifle loadout in COD Vanguard beta.

This powerful build keeps all the strong sides of the sniper, but also significantly improves your ADS speed, which is really important for snipers on the currently available maps that are mostly small and tight and where you don't have much time to prepare for shots.

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