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All Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes and Locations

In the Modern Warfare 2 Campaign, you'll find yourself unlocking the safes during different missions. Here are all of the Modern Warfare 2 safe codes to unlock them right away.
All Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes and Locations

With Modern Warfare 2 Campain Early Access going live, Call of Duty fans can embark on a thrilling adventure with Task Force 141. While cracking the secrets of Verdansk, you'll come across a bunch of safes containing weapons and crafting materials. As usual, you'll need six-digit code combinations to crack these safes in Modern Warfare 2. 

Players, who have been playing story mode games for a long time, can quickly determine the safe codes by analyzing the surroundings. However, beginners may have a hard time opening safes in Modern Warfare 2. With that said, we'll help you find all the safes in Modern Warfare 2 and the codes to unlock them.

Modern Warfare 2 Safe Codes

All Modern Warfare 2 safe codes
All Modern Warfare 2 safe codes. (Picture: Activision)

You'll come across three safes in total in the Modern Warfare 2 campaign, and the codes to unlock them are listed below:

El Sin Nombre safe code: 02-02-19

  • This safe can be found in Diego’s room, and the code to open it can be decoded by looking at the date mentioned in the portrait.

Alone safe code 1:10-10-80 

  • This safe can be found in a coffee shop, behind a door. The code to open it is well hidden on a calendar in the nearby room.

Alone safe code 2: 37-60-80

  • The safe is found inside the garage during the Alone mission. The code to unlock is stored in the computer, which can be found at the mechanic shop.

As we've already mentioned earlier, you'll get various rewards once you unlock these safes in Modern Warfare 2. The first safe grants a Lockwood 300 Shotgun & Plate Carrier. At the same time, the rest awards you with a silenced pistol, a throwing knife, and a crossbow.

Do You Need To Open Safes In Modern Warfare 2?

Opening Modern Warfare 2 Safes
Opening Modern Warfare 2 Safes. (Picture: Activision)

The short answer is yes, it's mandatory to open these safes in Modern Warfare 2. Since they are part of El Sin Nombre and Alone missions, you can't proceed further without unlocking them.

Moreover, opening Modern Warfare 2 safes is an effective way to obtain a variety of firearms and utilities, which can be later used in the campaign mode to fight against enemies.

And that's everything you need to know about unlocking all the Modern Warfare 2 safes in Campaign mode.

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