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Modern Warfare 2 Weapon XP Farm Trick: How It Works

A Call of Duty player has discovered an insane weapon XP farm trick in Modern Warfare 2. Here's how it works.
Modern Warfare 2 Weapon XP Farm Trick: How It Works

Call of Duty games have always had some of the best gunplay in any FPS title, with each weapon having a distinct sound, weight, and feel to it. Modern Warfare 2 is no different in this regard, and players have been hard at earning more XP and leveling up the weapons of their choice.

Sadly, leveling up weapons in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 takes a lot of XP, and some fans aren't impressed with the insane amount of time it currently takes to level up a single weapon in the game. 

Before Activision could address the situation or deploy a fix, one player found an exploit to farm weapon XP rather quickly. Here's how it works. 

Modern Warfare 2 weapon XP farm trick explained

cod mw 2 weapon xp farm trick
You will need a suppression mine and an enemy tank to make the weapon XP farm trick work in Modern Warfare 2. (Picture: Activision)

To gain an insane amount of weapon XP quickly in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, you will need a suppression mine. Now, start a game mode that spawns tanks (Ground War or Invasion). 

As evident in the video posted above by Reddit user Ikcatcher, once you have found an enemy tank, rush toward it and plant the suppression mine behind the turret. Now head back and find a safe place to hide. 

cod mw 2 weapon xp farm glitch
Activision could fix this exploit in its next update, so make good use of it while you can. (Picture: Activision)


Soon after, you will gain a horde of XPs as enemy players inside the tank get hit by the suppression mine. Repeat this process until you have earned enough weapon XP. 

However, keep in mind that this is a glitch and that Activision could fix it in an upcoming update. However, until it does so, you could exploit it to your advantage and level up all your favorite weapons. 
That concludes our guide on the weapon XP trick in Modern Warfare 2.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.