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Can You Turn Off Crossplay In Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is crossplay enabled but is it possible to turn the feature off on PC and console?
Can You Turn Off Crossplay In Modern Warfare 2?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has finally been released globally and features a ton of new content and features. In particular, the game supports crossplay functionality by default, allowing players from various platforms (PC, Xbox, and PlayStation) to play together. However, not everyone is chuffed by this feature, prompting many to want to disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2. If you're one of these frustrated players, then don't worry -- we've got you covered.

Can You Turn Off Crossplay In Modern Warfare 2?

disable modern warfare 2 crossplay
Crossplay allows gamers to play together regardless of their gameplay platforms. (Picture: Activision)

In short, yes, you can disable crossplay in Modern Warfare 2; however, this option is exclusive to players with PlayStation 4|5 consoles. Unfortunately, if you're playing on Windows PC or Xbox, you're stuck with crossplay for the time being because there is currently no in-game option to turn off crossplay.

However, it's worth noting that Xbox players can disable the feature from the console's system settings. We've explained how to do this in the section below.

How To Disable Crossplay In Modern Warfare 2 (PlayStation)

If you're playing on PlayStation 4 or 5, you can turn off crossplay by following these relatively straightforward steps in-game:

  • First, go to the Modern Warfare 2 "Settings" menu.
  • Next, select the "Account and Network" options menu.
  • Disable "Crossplay and Crossplay Communication."
modern warfare 2 disable crossplay xbox
Modern Warfare 2 players on PC cannot disable crossplay. (Picture: Activision)

How To Disable Crossplay In Modern Warfare 2 (Xbox)

If you're playing on Xbox, you can turn off crossplay using this workaround:

  • Press the Xbox button on your controller.
  • Navigate the "Profile and System" system menu option.
  • Select "Settings" and then "Account."
  • Select "Privacy & Online Safety" and then "Xbox Privacy."
  • Next, choose the "View details and customize" option and select "Communication and Multiplayer."
  • Finally, choose the "Block" option under "You can play with people outside the Xbox network." This option will prevent all cross-network gameplay.

Unfortunately, it's unclear if Infinity Ward or Activision will introduce an official in-game option to disable crossplay for Xbox and PC users. We will endeavor to update you if the situation changes, though. Until then, happy gaming (or complaining)!

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