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How To Get MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2

If you're wondering how to activate MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2, then here's a comprehensive guide to getting it.
How To Get MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer has finally been launched across all the platforms. In the latest Call of Duty MW2 iteration, players can get their hands on a whole new set of Killstreak. MGB, in particular, is one of the newest killstreaks in Modern Warfare 2.

It is an abbreviated term for Mass Guided Bombs, which works exactly like the Nuke from the original MW2. However, many of you might wonder how to activate the MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2 Remastered version. With that said, here's a comprehensive guide for the same.

How To Activate MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2

How to activate MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2
How to activate MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2. (Picture: Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 MGB Nuke is a hidden kill streak that can be unlocked by getting 30 kills without dying. The MGB Nuke isn't an easy killstreak to earn in Modern Warfare 2, but this is the only way to get it in the game.

Once you've met the requirement, an on-screen alert will appear on the screen, allowing you to activate it. After activating MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2, a 10-second timer will appear at the top of the screen and then eliminates all the players on the map.

According to the most recent announcement by Activision, you can only equip three of them to use in your matches. However, it's a bit different in the case of MGB Nuke.

Modern Warfare 2 Killstreaks List

All killstreaks & scorestreaks in Modern Warfare 2
All killstreaks & scorestreaks in Modern Warfare 2. (Picture: Activision)

Modern Warfare 2 Remastered comes with a total of 19 killstreaks, and here's a quick rundown of the same:

Killstreak Description Kills / Score
UAV UAV recon ship that reveals enemy locations on the minimap. 4 / 500
Bomb Drone A remote-controlled drone with an attached C4 charge. 4 / 500
Counter-UAV A drone that scrambles all enemy minimaps. Has a limited range for larger maps. 5 / 625
Care Package Call in a random killstreak care package to your location. 5 / 625
Cluster Mine Throw a device that launches a cluster of smaller mines within the immediate area. 5 / 625
Precision Airstrike Call in twin jets for a precision strike on a designated target area. 6 / 750
Cruise Missile  Control a long-range cruise missile with boost capabilities. 6 / 750
Mortar Strike Signal several waves of mortars to attack a location. 6 / 750
SAE Call in a trio of jets to release aerial explosives onto specified targets. 7 / 875
Sentry Gun Automated turret that scans for nearby enemies, and fires incendiary based rounds. 7 / 875
VTOL Jet Releases a pair of precision bombs before circling back and guarding a location of the player’s choice. 8 / 1000
Overwatch Helo An escort helo that will watch over your position, and ping nearby enemy locations before engaging them. 8 / 1000
Wheelson-HS Remote controlled amphibious vehicle, with auto sentry capabilities. 8 / 1000
Stealth Bomber Call in a bomber that releases a large line of explosives along its path. 10 / 1250
Chopper Gunner Control an assault chopper armed with a turret and air-to-land missiles. 10 / 1250
Emergency Airdrop Call in 3 random killstreak care packages to your location. 10 / 1250
Gunship A heavy assault gunship equipped with a laser tracking missile, along with the standard 40mm and 25mm cannons. 12 / 1500
Advanced UAV An untargetable orbital UAV that reveals the enemy’s direction on the minimap in real time. 12 / 1500
Juggernaut Juggernaut assault gear delivered by care package. The minigun will drop when the Juggernaut dies. 15 / 1875

So there you have it, a way to get and activate the MGB Nuke in Modern Warfare 2 with ease.

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Featured image courtesy of Activision.