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Caldera best landing spots - best drop locations in Warzone Pacific

When it comes to the best drop locations on the Caldera map in Warzone Pacific Season 1, the new map offers a variety of good landing spots to explore and gain an early advantage.
Caldera best landing spots - best drop locations in Warzone Pacific

Warzone Pacific Season 1 has landed on the servers and now it's time for us to perform the same act and land on the new Caldera map.

But finding a good landing spot is not always the easiest thing to do, especially when there's a completely new map below you, one you know almost nothing about, let alone having some advanced knowledge about it, like hot spots, loot heavens, rotation routes, and more.

Caldera is the biggest map not only in the history of Call of Duty, but one of the biggest battle royale maps ever, thus there are so many things to learn and memorize before you become fairly good at playing it.

And it all starts with finding the right place to drop once the match starts. We've explored the map in early access and after thoroughly prospecting all the zones and POIs, we think that these four zones are by far the best drop spots on Caldera.

Warzone Caldera new map - best drop locations

Warzone Caldera new map - best drop locations
The Caldera map and its main zones. (Picture: Activision)

Caldera is a huge and more or less rounded island set in the middle of the Pacific Ocean during WW2.

The map is significantly larger compared to Verdansk and it offers a wide variety of locations for combat and looting. Caldera is not big just by its surface - on top of that, it also offers decent verticality, with areas both beneath and above the ground. 

And unlike Verdansk, which had some buildings that were not accessible, there are a lot more objects on Caldera that can be entered.

So, with that said, let's check out what are great spots to land when you start a game of Warzone on Caldera.

Industrial Docks

Caldera best landing spots - best drop locations in Warzone Pacific
If you prefer AR combat, Docks might be a good place to drop. (Picture: Activision)

The Industrial Docks area is located in the far north of the island. It features a lot of old abandoned warehouses, factory facilities, crashed ships, and construction sites.

The area is relatively crowded with objects which can offer great protection in the early game, as there's not a lot of open zones where you can be easily killed from different sides. It also comes with a number of excellent loot opportunities which will probably not be as contested as some other more popular locations, like the downtown or resort.

And finally, its position allows for relatively safe rotations towards the centre of the map once you are done in Docks. Depending on your strategy and plans you can move to the Arsenal, Mines, or even straight to the Peak.


Caldera best landing spots - best drop locations in Warzone Pacific
The Village is great for players whose loadout has SMGs or shotguns. (Picture: Activision)

The River Village is located in the west-central part of the map, stretching from the coast all the way up to the hills. 

It's a perfect landing location for those players who prefer close-quarter combat and have confidence in their movement skills as it features a lot of small and tightly packed huts. 

If you can manoeuvre well between bamboo huts, paddy fields, and foothills, you will be able to take advantage of this area and then safely rotate to either the Mines or to the south towards the Airfield and further to the Capital.


Caldera best landing spots - best drop locations in Warzone Pacific
The isolated runway offers a relatively safe zone to start your match. (Picture: Activision)

The Runway is our potential hit spot for landing as we believe that this location will be mostly uninteresting for most people to drop on it due to its fairly unattractive position and look.

But don't be fooled by that, as it also means an opportunity to safely gear up and loot while others are doing all the killing for you. Once you are done on the beach part, you can go deeper into the jungle to a military command centre for additional loot, and then check out the Peak.


Caldera best landing spots - best drop locations in Warzone Pacific
Phosphate Mines offer a perfect balance of potential rewards and the risk it comes with them. (Picture: Activision)

The Phosphate Mines will be without a doubt one of the hottest landing spots on Caldera.

It is one of the biggest zones of the map with a lot of options for rotations, but also with a slew of interesting POIs to visit on its own.
It will be a contested area, but also a place with a lot of hiding places from where you can ambush your enemies, and covers for safe engagement.

There's a large factory compound nearby with several mining shafts, railways, tunnels, and surprisingly - a lot of vertical options form where you can snipe the opposition, like gondolas, conveyor belts, and smokestacks.

It is a high-risk high-reward location with a lot of stuff going on and you will find a lot of people landing here.

So there you have it, these four zones are the best landing locations on Caldera, at least during the first few weeks of Warzone Pacific Season 1.

In terms of pure value, there are probably better zones, like the Peak, the Capital and the Resort, but we are taking into consideration the popularity of those areas as well, as you will not want to find yourself in a combat-heavy area from the get-go.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision Blizzard.

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