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Call of Duty
Call of Duty

Crimsix reveals why he's been dropped ahead of CoD franchising

OpTic Gaming's Ian "Crimsix" Porter has revealed how and why he will no longer be playing with the OpTic Gaming Call of Duty lineup of last season in a tweet.


The tweet, a screenshot of his Notes, details what has happened in the last few days to put him in a position where he may be left without a team heading into the franchised Call of Duty League. He said:

"3 people colluded against me towards 2 of my best friends that I've known for over a 3rd of my life. They were given a 3vs1 ultimatum to replace me on a team that they wanted to leave/have left in the past. 5 years of hard ass work, helping build a brand that wasn't my own, that I was essentially forced out by people other than Seth/Hector. This all happened at midnight and there was an important Franchise meeting early the next day. I had about a couple of "late night hours" to throw together players, salaries to tell the players, perks, etc. I don't know if the timing was a coincidence or planned but this was pretty much impossible. Point is, I don't care that they did this and I'm not complaining. I'm pissed at the fact that they didn't even give Seth/Hector a reasonable choice. I didn't even ask Seth to pick between the two options, it would've been unfair to him. Without going into detail, it turns out that this was all for nothing too."


The current school of thought is that whilst Crimsix was originally supposed to stick with the team, former OpTic Gaming dynasty member Matthew "Formal" Piper, as well as Brandon "Dashy" Otell and Thomas "TJHaLy" Haly, said that they wanted to team with Seth "Scump" Abner but would not continue to – or go back to playing with – Crimsix.

It is also understood that three-time world champion Damon "Karma" Barlow will no longer be playing with the team, though this situation is not anywhere near as clear or fleshed out as that of Crimsix.