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FaZe Face-Off Warzone tournament: schedule, format, teams, prize pool, and how to watch

In partnership with Twitch Rivals, FaZe clan and Atlantic FaZe are bringing together 100 of the top pros, streamers, and celebrities from the world of music, film and sport to compete for $75,000.
FaZe Face-Off Warzone tournament: schedule, format, teams, prize pool, and how to watch
There is nothing quite like a surprise Warzone tournament to get the blood pumping. Announced on the FaZe Clan Twitter on 16th, kicking tomorrow Thursday, 17th. You love to see it.

FaZe clan Face-off Twitch Rivals how to watch
(Picture: FaZe Clan)

And frankly guys you know the drill, FaZe Clan x Atlanta FaZe have scooped up the best COD professionals, found some of the biggest streamers, roped in some of their celebrity friends, all mixed together for some pub stomping fun.




It's fun, competitive, and not too serious.

We have collated all the information for you so you can kick back and enjoy the spectacle.

See you in Verdansk.


This tournament is a one-day event and takes place on Thursday, 17th September at 2 pm PT / 5 pm ET / 10 pm BST.


  • Quads Kill Race w/ Playoff Race
  • 20 Teams
  • 3 Hours of Quads
    • Best 3 Games count towards Tournament score
  • Top 8 Teams advance to Playoffs
  • 1 Hour of Playoffs
    • Best Game counts towards Tournament score

Point System

  • Victory: 25 Points (+5)
  • Reach Top 2: 20 Points (+5)
  • Reach Top 3: 15 Points (+5)
  • Reach Top 4: 10 Points (+3)
  • Reach Top 7: 7 Points (+3)
  • Reach Top 10: 4 Points (+2)
  • Reach Top 15: 2 Points (+1)
  • Reach Top 20: 1 Point (+1)
  • Each Elimination = +1 Point

For a complete breakdown of the rules check out the FaZe Clan Face-off Twitch Rivals page.


FaZe CLan Face-off Twitch Rivals teams
(Picture: Twitch Rivals)


All we know so far is there will be $75,000 to be won. Expect a high top prize.

How to watch FaZe Clan x Atlanta FaZe Twitch Rivals tournament

You can catch all the action from either the Twitch Rivals channel or FaZe Clan's very own.

We have embedded both below.