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Shroud quits Warzone due to blatant cheater

Shroud ran into a Warzone cheater in a solo match and proceeded to quit the game to play Valorant instead.
Shroud quits Warzone due to blatant cheater
For over a month now, it has been very clear how Call of Duty: Warzone is filled with cheaters, especially on PC. Anyone can run into these Warzone cheaters, and lose out, even someone as highly-skilled as Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek. In a recent stream, Shroud ran into a cheater and proceeded to quit the game to play Valorant instead.


Shroud quits Warzone due to cheater

Shroud only recently made a triumphant return to streaming on Twitch, and he's been playing a lot of Valorant, as well as Warzone. In a recent stream, Shroud was playing a solos Warzone match, when he inevitably ran into a cheater.

At the Superstore area in Warzone, someone used a RAM-7 on Shroud, as the streamer was lasered and killed in a swift fashion.

Shroud was impressed by the player's skill, as it was a floor-loot RAM-7, which has some huge recoil without attachments.

Shroud continued to spectate the player, and swiftly realised this was one of the many Call of Duty Warzone cheaters running about. 




At first, Shroud thought the player was incredible. However, he soon spectated the player in question, and came to the conclusion it was a Warzone cheater who killed him.

This was due to the player hitting quick eliminations, even without having the last opponent in his sights. 

Shroud exclaimed: "Holy s%*t! Can I watch that guy? Holy f%*k, I wanna watch that guy...This guy's incredible - oh never mind - he's f*%king cheating! I'm done. I'm done, I'm done, I'm done."

Instead of playing another Warzone match, Shroud quit the game and proceeded to play Valorant instead. This incident goes to show how no one is safe from Warzone cheaters right now, no matter your skill level.

In Shroud's most-recent stream, he is back to playing a bit of Warzone but so far, we have yet to see him playing a solos match again.