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Warzone dead body glitch both amuses and frustrates players

Warzone players have spotted a new bug or glitch that allows players to pose as dead bodies, leading to some hilarious and frustrating deaths.
Warzone dead body glitch both amuses and frustrates players
It simply wouldn't be Verdansk without some issues. While Warzone players have gotten used to several issues in the past, it's always a bit funny when a new glitch or bug appears. The latest Warzone glitch, bug, or exploit, whatever you want to call it really, allows players to play dead. Basically, some players look like dead bodies in Warzone, effectively using collision in the game to perfection, as well as their trusty prone key.

Warzone dead body glitch appears

It's time to start unloading a few bullets into every corpse you see in Verdansk, thanks to a new dead body glitch in Warzone.

Dubbed by some as an expert form of "tactical planking", players have managed to disguise themselves as dead bodies, taking others by surprise.

Warzone dead body bodies glitch bug exploitTactical planking 101. (Picture: Activision)

Reddit user Dutton90, in a post entitled "I hate this game most of the time" via the Warzone subreddit, shared a clip featuring someone using the dead body glitch.

No gun is seen from the "dead body" and no name tag is visible, which lead Dutton90 to believe the player has obviously been killed. However, they were instead buried under the floor.

Running past the dead body in Warzone, Dutton90 got a shock as the player stood up and proceeded to kill him.

In the Reddit thread, more and more Warzone players are reporting incidents of this glitch, while some are finding the humour in this "tactical planking" affair.

Warzone dead body bodies glitch bug exploit(Picture: Reddit)

While this new Warzone bug can be hilarious, it wouldn't be so funny if someone used this to win a tournament, would it?

At the time of writing, the developer has not issued a statement on this new Warzone bug or glitch. There's no telling when it will be fixed, so keep shooting those bodies while you wait.

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