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Warzone Pacific Season 3 – All Caldera map changes and POIs

Warzone Season 3 will introduce a host of new Caldera map changes, including Peak, Runaway and Lagoon, plus a new Point of Interest.
Warzone Pacific Season 3 – All Caldera map changes and POIs

Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific Season 3's release is around the corner, and Caldera's new map changes will deliver the significant improvements players have been requesting. In addition, there will be some new additions to the Island, including a new Point of Interest (POI), as fans are excited to see what it holds.

We'll explore all the latest changes made to the Caldera map, plus provide you with all the details you need to know before gearing up to take on Warzone Pacific Season 3 on 27 April 2023. 

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Map Changes – New POI: Dig Site

Featuring giant skulls, rib cages, and the remains of serpent-like creatures that some say may have come from the hollow earth. The new Dig Site POI is an abandoned excavation site that promises new battles for players to compete in its vertical terrain, making it a hot spot for action-filled gunfights and a vast amount of loot to collect.

call of duty warzone pacific season 3 caldera map changes new point of interest poi dig site
Warzone Season 3 will introduce a new Point of Interest for the Caldera map called Dig Site. (Picture: Activision)

Located between the Mine and the Ruins, the Dig Site POI offers players the chance to rummage through the remains of these creatures to find equipment, tents and other items. The massive skulls that seem to be the remains of monsters will also be hiding Supply Boxes that players can pick up as they fight through this new map. 

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Map Changes – Peak update

The Peak stronghold POI has also been rebuilt, featuring a new coat of paint to all the buildings and some tactical additions that will make more of a hot drop than ever before. It will also feature more Supply Boxes and other items operators might seek as they battle their way through Caldera.

call of duty warzone pacific season 3 caldera map changes peak point of interest poi
The Peak POI has been rebuilt and is ready for Season 3 on Caldera. (Picture: Activision)

Peak will feature "new exterior and interior ascenders to quickly travel between old and new floors of this area, or drop down to the core to see some of the upgrades made to the otherwise natural structure". With all the buildings reconstructed and ready for entry, the area has become an ideal spot for an engaging gunfight.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Map Changes - Runway update

Caldera's Runway is now rebuilt with barracks, hangars and other structural features to replace the overgrown jungle originally here. There will also be a few decommissioned planes that will offer some excellent cover for any gunfights that break out and a water tower for observation and collecting intel.

call of duty warzone pacific season 3 caldera map changes runaway point of interest poi
Caldera's Runway POI has become a popular hotspot for intense gunfights and tactical play. (Picture: Activision)

The map's been improved for operators to tackle their enemies, but it has also given more challenges to players. Due to the lack of foliage, the area is more open, making rotations more difficult as you will be out in the open, so watch your back and stay low when at Runway.

Warzone Pacific Season 3 Map Changes – Lagoon update

Due to the shifting tides, there will be a new way to access the Lagoon area. This means that players don't need to necessarily use the infamous bridge that connects the lighthouse area to the rest of Caldera and may have more tactical options.

call of duty warzone pacific season 3 caldera map changes lagoon point of interest poi
The Lagoon POI has been made more accessible on Caldera for Warzone Pacific Season 3. (Picture: Activision)

There will also be multiple footpaths, in addition to the rock face cliff behind a few of the houses, that will lead back up to the main Island. There will also be moored boats that act as a cover as you move between the Island and Lagoon POIs. 

Lastly, Lagoon will feature some new vehicles to take for a spin in this new area. Players are told to make sure their drivers can handle off-road terrain and aren't prone to "sinking feelings" during missions.

These are the notable Caldera map changes for the incoming Warzone Season 3 update. There are many secrets to uncover and newly rebuilt POIs to explore on Caldera.

Be sure to check out our dedicated Call of Duty section for the latest news, updates, guides, esports coverage and more.


Featured image courtesy of Activision.

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