Here are the best heroes in every role for Overwatch Retribution

Here are the best heroes in every role for Overwatch Retribution
The long-awaited second PvE event for Overwatch has finally arrived

. In Retribution, players once again take a trip to the past, this time seeing what happened during a Blackwatch mission that pushed Gabriel Reyes, later known as the infamous Reaper, to the edge. For the story mode, we're able to choose any one of the four Blackwatch members who were on the ill-fated mission - Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira. As with the previous event, most of the fun comes from playing the All Heroes Mode, where you can choose anyone you like to play through the new map - Rialto. We presented them in our Overwatch Tier List but let's take a look at the three best tanks, DPS, and support heroes for the job. Table of Contents


1)Reinhardt 2)D.Va 3)Roadhog


1)Soldier 2)Bastion 3)Junkrat


1)Moira 2)Brigitte 3)Zenyatta



1) Reinhardt

It shouldn't come as any surprise that the hammer-wielding crusader is the overall best pick in the tanking category. His huge shield is wide enough to stop incoming fire from groups of Troopers and Enforcers in the streets, and it has enough health to eat some of the Heavy Assaults' attacks. Speaking of grouped enemies, his primary attack and Fire Strike get maximum value almost every single time, and his Earthshatter ultimate is perfect for setting up big DPS ults and pinning those obnoxious Assassins. Rein's only problem is that he can't reach enemies on the high ground, but he can easily turtle and let others solve that puzzle. dva.jpg

2) D.Va

D.Va's mobility and Defense Matrix make her an excellent frontline choice for Retribution. With good timing, you should be able to eat Enforcer rounds with matrix without burning too much of the cooldown. Her Self-Destruct ultimate is perfect for taking out Assassins with ease and putting a dent into Heavy Assault units. When you're near the water, boost yourself through groups of enemies for some easy environmental kills. In later parts of the event, D.Va is excellent at chasing down Snipers to give her team some breathing room. roadhog.jpg

3) Roadhog

Thanks to Hog's HP, regen potential, and high damage output, he makes fine choice as either a tank or a DPS. His hook and ultimate are where he really shines, though. He can drag Enforcers, Assassins, and Snipers out of position for his team to more easily deal with, and his Whole Hog ult deals an impressive amount of damage to Heavy Assault units. The pushback on his ult can also take care of groups of Troopers near the water if your group is getting overwhelmed.



1) Soldier:76

There are a couple of reasons Soldier gets the top DPS slot for Retribution. First is Biotic Field - his AoE healing field. Since you probably don't want to burn more than one sloto n a healer, the supplemental HP regen you get from Biotic Field makes the Soldier pick a no-brainer. Second is his ability to sit back and poke at enemies with precision from behind his tanks. Oh, and his Tactical Visor ultimate clears rooms and alleyways like nothing else.


2) Bastion

I can hear your sighs through the internet. Sorry, but Bastion just makes things too easy to not give him second place. Sentry mode's damage output is ridiculous, and usually too much for the subpar AI to deal with since you can also heal yourself while in Sentry. His Tank ultimate makes quick work of grouped enemies and special units alike, especially if you get pocketed by a healer. Think smart - think Omnic. junkrat.jpg

3) Junkrat

Not much to say about this guy. Junkrat's constant AoE attacks make him an obvious choice for the Retribution event. Between his normal attack, mines, and ultimate, there aren't many enemies that will live for long when Junkrat is on the field. He's actually a better choice than Pharah because he can use cover much more effectively while not needing the same sort of accuracy that she does.



1) Moira

Without a doubt, Moira takes the top spot for supports in Retribution. Her orbs are just too good for both healing and damage alike since everything is fairly close quarters. Biotic Grasp is amazing for the same exact reason - and grouped enemies mean you shouldn't have a problem replenishing energy with plentiful DPS output. Fade can get you out of danger in a hurry, forcing enemies to switch targets. This is one former Blackwatch member you don't want to ignore.


2) Brigitte

The newest hero in the lineup, Brigitte's AoE healing and survivability make her a very attractive pick. From providing armor to constant HP regen, all of her skills basically ensure that no one should be dying if they're doing what they're supposed to. Her Rocket Flail and shield are perfect for assisting with late-game snipers. zenyatta.jpg

3) Zenyatta

Ah, everyone's favorite monk. Zen can really add a lot to a Retribution composition. Orb of Discording high-threat targets cannot be overlooked as one of the most valuable skills in the event. Neither can his constant headshots on the hordes of stationary targets. His Transcendance ult can keep people up through Assassin and Heavy Assault attacks, giving him a high potential for clutch plays.

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