Overwatch's Newest Hero Is A New Tank, Orisa

Overwatch's Newest Hero Is A New Tank, Orisa
After a handful of leaks and teases, Overwatch's latest hero to be added to the roster is Orisa, a four-legged robot tank built by 11-year-old genius Efi Odalele. Nope, not Doomfist. Looks like Blizzard played us for fools. The focus of the hero is to help protect the team, sticking with the group and assisting them with shields, defensive buffs and even damage boosts. Many had been predicting a tank to be added to the game since that was an area that had yet to see any focus from Blizzard, and so Orisa is the answer to that - and is now playable on the PTR. Currently she has 200 health and 200 armour, so she's kinda beefy, but she won't be designed to take the brunt of damage by the looks of it. She's slow, for one, and has no way of escaping an encounter. As such she's more aimed at assisting the team, a tank/support that will help allies as much as debuffing enemies. But anyway, here's a rundown of the new hero and her abilities:

Fusion Cannon

Orisa's main weapon is an automatic projectile cannon that has long range and good accuracy even at longer distances. As she fires, her movement is slowed - so that sustained damage needs to be balanced to allow Orisa to chase down enemies. The secondary fire for the weapon is 'Halt!', a graviton charge much like Zarya's that slows enemies as it passes by them. It pulls enemies into the charge when it explodes, which Orisa can activate manually.

Protective Barrier

What is any tank without an ability to negate damage of some kind? Orisa can build a wall shield that will block any incoming shots from enemy fire, but does take some time to deploy - so it's more of a planned defensive ability, rather than a reactive one.


This is a personal buff that affects Orisa, temporarily decreasing the amount of damage she takes as well as making her immune to action-impairing effects, such as being frozen by Mei or stunned by McCree.


This is Orisa's ultimate, where she deploys a device that boosts the damage of any allies in her line of sight. According to testers already playing with Orisa on the PTR, this ability has a huge radius.

Orisa, Overwatch's Newest Tank