Overwatch Tier List: Which Hero Is The Best In The Meta? - Part 1: Tanks & Support

Overwatch Tier List: Which Hero Is The Best In The Meta? - Part 1: Tanks & Support
While Overwatch continues to make strides as an esport, the base game itself is constantly evolving - with new heroes being added and tweaks altering the balance of power periodically. It can be a challenge to know who is the better character to pick. That’s where we come in, plotting the data alongside the anecdotal evidence of competitive matches. Which heroes are we seeing more often, and why? As these things always are this is obviously subjective, so feel free to have your say in the comments below. Our perspective, as you might expect, is focused more on the esports side of things - and while this tier list will definitely help you form your own ideas of which characters to pick, we’re trying to represent the importance each character has on a competitive game and explain a little bit why. If you fancy yourself a bit good at Overwatch, well then this is an important list to follow. We hope, anyway. So here is our current tier list for Overwatch, which we’ll keep updated alongside any nerfs, buffs and general updates:

Overwatch Tier List - Tanks



With his intensely tough shield to crack, Reinhardt remains the premier Tank hero that practically every team has to deal with. And it’s really this shield that makes Reinhardt such a persistent pick, a mobile defence unit that can help the likes of Reaper and Soldier: 76 to get safely into the range of the opposition and deal the damage that they do so well. But Reinhardt is a heavy-hitter himself, and his kit allows for a good bit of options in most situations. Fire Strike can deal damage through Barriers and hit multiple targets, his Charge can disengage key threats while his ultimate stuns groups of enemies in front of him - a significant gamechanger. Still the tank to beat, a fact that likely won't change much since his utility is just too good.



It'll take a little time for us to truly figure out where Orisa (or you can read our Orisa tutorial)  - the newest tank in the game - should rightfully stand, but it's already clear she deserves a strong showing right out from the gate. She doesn't quite have the reliability to knock Reinhardt from the top spot, but her kit - a long-range cannon, a manually placed shield and her slingshot-like Halt ability all give her a strong set of tools that make her useful in any team composition. She'll blend well with another Reinhardt to make for an impenetrable defence, or mix with more mobile tanks like Winston or D.Va, who will help rectify Orisa's biggest drawback - her lack of mobility. But whether these strong abilities will actually have an effect on the meta and pro player's decision to use her is currently a little tough to call, so we'll revisit Orisa's placement in the coming weeks. A strong and useful set of abilities that could make Orisa a popular pick for competitive tournaments.  OVERWATCH-ZARYA


As much as Zarya isn’t a particular thrilling hero, her build does make her a strong option. It’s her sheer force of will that makes her such a key player, an unstoppable health pool, a personal shield to boost that and even a deployable shield that can prevent stuns. That deployable shield is particularly useful for her team, able to create situations of strong defense as much as opportunities for her allies’ own assault. The fact that it resists all negative effects - like stuns and knockups - only adds extra value to the ability. Her ultimate, however, is the defining reason she might be played. The gravity well can lock down any heroes caught in it, meaning any attempt at defense or attack can be temporarily put on hold and, if her team follows up, stopped entirely. One of the tankiest heroes, a great kit of abilities and even does a good deal of damage for a tank class. OVERWATCH-DVA


D.Va still doesn't have the consistency to earn her a permanent spot in many teams, but she's enough viability that she can be a worthwhile pick - especially now we've seen the release of Orisa. Her mobility will help counteract Orisa's lack of it, and while Winston can offer the same at least D.Va can provide a little more firepower to aid Orisa than the monkey's close-range combat. The issue is her ultimate - as powerful and gamechanging as it can be - since it it still rather easy to avoid, especially for pro players who know the telltale signs to look for of a D.Va ready to blow. Whether D.Va will see a rise alongside Orisa isn't yet a call we can make, but she has viability when the time comes for it. OVERWATCH-ROADHOG


He’s a hero that gets a lot of play not just for his ability to take a beating but as much for his utility and since McCree's big nerf last year much of Roadhog’s options makes him a fair replacement. It’s the hook that makes him such a useful part of the game. On one hand it can disable troublesome enemy heroes - even swatting airborne Pharah’s from the sky - to disrupt the fight considerably. But combining that with his shotgun combo can really help turn the tide, a powerful burst of damage that can tear apart other opposing tanks and wipe out pesky damage dealers. Roadhog might not be much of a threat as a single entity, but a smartly struck hook shot will be the decisive ability in most any team fight. OVERWATCH-WINSTON


Winston has his uses and he'll likely find some use in competitive play but he's not the must-have he once was. His kit still makes him viable, however, especially now with the release of Orisa. His ultimate in particular gives him that extra sustainability when timed well and can be a great irritant to anyone trying to bring him down, giving him a huge lease of life in battle. It’s his pace that makes him a threat, though, thanks to his Leap ability that can bring him crashing down into the centre of a fight. It’s perhaps his up-close damage that really makes him such an important pick, if his potential damage is somewhat stifled in contrast to equivalent heroes. He recently benefited from a adjustment to his hitbox size, too, which makes things a little fairer for the angry ape and may well be enough to see a rise in his use alongside Orisa - whose lack of mobility could be countered by Winston's in-your-face aggression. We'll need to keep an eye on this one to find out if pro teams find much use for him alongside Orisa, but as it stands he's just too uch of a specific, situational use to provide too much consistent value.

Overwatch Tier List - Support



At this point Lucio is practically mandatory for every match. He was the victim of a damage nerf recently, but that was never Lucio’s benefit anyway; his kit is so significant that even without his measly damage capabilities he’s incredibly useful. We say mandatory primarily because of his speed boost ability, which is significant since it gives a team the option to initiate or escape a fight. Any team without a Lucio in their midsts - which, honestly, is pretty rare - suffers since the opposing team can quite easily chase the pack down like a wolfpack on the hunt. It’s Lucio’s consistency that places him in this tier, making him viable - nay, necessary - for every match. OVERWATCH-ANA


Ana still remains the newest support in Overwatch, but she's recovered greatly from her initial launch that saw her get minimal use, though recent nerfs have once again affected her performance. With that said she certainly offers enough to any team that - in the right hands - she can be a considerable addition, especially since she’s as able to deal damage as she is to heal. Yet while she is able to do less damage than she once was, she still remains a very strong pick thanks in large part to her well-tooled kit and a gamechanging ultimate. That ultimate, in fact, that also combines with Orisa's Supercharge - a combo that, if it takes off in pro play, is likely to give birth to a number of team wipes and create decisive, gamechanging moments. A strong support in spite of her erratic range in the meta, but one that could become a necessary pick if Orisa becomes a regular apperance. OVERWATCH-MERCY


There are a variety of ways to heal within Overwatch, but Mercy is so prevalent as the key healer that you’d think there were no other alternatives. This is largely down to her mobility, which - given a skilled player - can mitigate Mercy’s biggest drawback... her squishiness. By flitting around the map, Mercy can be exactly where she needs to be when she’s needed. Add in a damage-boosting ability and Mercy is an extremely valuable team member whatever the weather. Only the nerf to Mercy’s ultimate has meant she can’t quite secure a top tier placement.



The meditative robot might’ve once held a position considerably higher than this, but even after his recent buff he’s not quite the hero he once was. He’s not quite as soft as he once was now and that’s important, but he’s still not the threat that he needs to be. His orbs don’t often the same kind of damage that he could once manage. It’s in his utility that be might be more of a benefit, and perhaps time will tell now that his ultimate has been buffed to offer a considerable amount of extra healing per second - but for the time being it’s hard to see Zenyatta moving back up the league. Buffed, but it’s still not enough. Pro players are making a lot of great use for him, but not in lieu of other healers available to them. OVERWATCH-SYMMETRA


Here’s a character that has never really made it in the spotlight; even during the beta she was little more than a decent performer. This is mostly due to an ignorable shield - an option that is bettered by so many other heroes - and her sometimes-frustrating but easily-overlooked turrets require a lot of preparation and particular locations to be of any real use. It’s her teleporter that makes her a significant part of a team, but even then this is often only really advantageous on certain maps - an easily defeated benefit, sadly. While she can be devastating in the right hands, she needs a lot of security to get to that position. Viable for her teleporter alone, but offers very little outside of that.