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Rust Cargo Ship Guide: Rewards, Spawn Frequency, and How To Defend

Cargo Ship is one of the best loot locations in the game. So if you still don't know about this place, learn it immediately with this guide.
Rust Cargo Ship Guide: Rewards, Spawn Frequency, and How To Defend

Cargo Ship is one of the best ways to get weapons in the Rust because it contains a total of 3 Locked Crates, as well as plenty of Green Military Crates and Elite Crates. Thanks to this plenty of crates, you can leave Cargo Ship full of weapons and extremely high-tier loot.

But getting the Cargo Ship's loot is not as easy as it sounds. In this Cargo Ship guide, we'll share with you everything you need to know about this particular Rust monument. So stay with us and read the guide to the end.

Rust locked crate image
Image via Ginx TV

Rust Cargo Ship Guide

Spawn Frequency

Cargo Ship is a game event that takes place every 2 to 4 game days. Cargo Ship usually enters the map as soon as the sun rises, and you can see the Cargo Ship Inbound notification when it enters the map. Also, you don't need any Keycard to loot the Cargo Ship, as in the Oil Rig Monument

Cargo Ship is an extremely popular place due to the loot it contains, so even if you are playing with an average population, there will always be players coming to Cargo Ship. Therefore, it is very important that you go first to get the Cargo Ship's loot.


The Cargo Ship travels around the map for about 40 minutes and every time you hear a horn, a new Locked Crate has spawned. Each of these Locked Crates takes 15 minutes to unlock. There are about 11 Scientists on the Cargo Ship, you must kill them and start the countdown of Locked Crates that spawn as quickly as possible. 

Finally, the Cargo Ship will start blowing horn after horn before leaving the map. If you do not leave the ship after these horns, you will be exposed to tremendous radiation and die. Once you have all the loot, you can safely leave the Cargo Ship with the Rhib at the back.

Rust player defending Cargo Ship
Image via Ginx TV

How To Defend Cargo Ship in Rust

Once on board, it is extremely easy to defend the ship from above. However, you should pay close attention to the sounds of the water while protecting the Cargo Ship. Some players can sneak onto the Cargo Ship with Boogie Boards or Diving Fins and board the ship without you noticing. So always keep an eye on the stairs.

You can shoot other player boats that catch up to the Cargo Ship extremely easily. However, if a Zerg is approaching the Cargo Ship with a Scrap Transport Helicopter, your chances are very difficult unless you have Grenade Launcher or High-Velocity Rocket.

This is because if a Scrap Helicopter is coming towards the Cargo Ship, there are most likely more than 2 people on board. And unless you have an explosive to throw, it is extremely difficult to kill the people in the Scrap Helicopter before it lands. Your best chance is to try to shoot the pilot. By shooting the pilot you can cause the Scrap Helicopter to crash and save the day.

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