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How To Craft & Use Electric Furnace In Rust

Unlock the power of the Electric Furnace in Rust by learning how to craft and use it after the Rust Industrial update.
How To Craft & Use Electric Furnace In Rust

Are you tired of the never-ending fuel demands of traditional furnaces? We get it. The Electric Furnace is here to revolutionize your metal smelting experience in Rust. So say goodbye to constant refueling and hello to efficient and speedy results. This guide will detail everything about the Electric Furnace, from setting it up and powering it to making seamless connections and mastering how to use it. With our easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, you'll effortlessly integrate this game-changing furnace into your base.

How To Use Electric Furnace In Rust

The Electric Furnace in Rust functions similarly to a standard furnace, with one key distinction: instead of relying on wood, it operates on 1x electrical power and does not produce charcoal. This marvel can smelt 100x metal ore 40% faster rate than its regular furnace. Moreover, the Large Furnace takes things up a notch, boasting an impressive 80% speed increase compared to the regular version, striking a perfect balance between the two.

A strategic placement between two crates is vital to harness the power of the Electric Furnace in Rust. Raw resources find their home in one chest, seamlessly making their way into the furnace for transformation. Once cooked to perfection, these valuable resources are conveniently transferred to a target container, eagerly awaiting their utilization in future crafting endeavors.


How To Craft Electric Furnace In Rust

To set up the Electric Furnace in Rust, follow these easy steps. Begin by placing a storage adaptor on the side of the furnace, forming a crucial connection. The next step involves linking the two adaptors using a conveyor as the intermediary. Take note: players must adjust the conveyor settings to ensure only the desired resources pass through for cooking.

To complete the setup, connect the furnace output to the input of the final chest, employing yet another conveyor in between. Rest assured, without a filter, the conveyor will exclusively transfer to the furnace output slots, eliminating any concerns about raw resources being mistakenly removed. Finally, it's worth noting that crafting the Electric Furnace in Rust requires a Level 2 Workbench and comes with a Tech Tree cost of 820 scrap.

Powering the furnace and conveyors is achieved through the passthrough node. Players can also utilize the wire tool to connect the primary "power in" nodes, granting them control to "turn on," off, and "toggle" nodes as needed. And that's all. We hope you enjoyed this guide on the Electric Furnace in Rust. Stay tuned for more content. All images featured in this guide are courtesy of YouTube / Jfarr.

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