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How To Get Gunpowder In Rust

Are you wondering how to make gunpowder in Rust ? Look no further than our comprehensive guide!
How To Get Gunpowder In Rust

Gunpowder is a crucial material for weapons and explosives. As a result, it should be no surprise that many Rust players want to know how to get or craft it. Luckily, we've got you covered. This guide will explain the best way to get gunpowder in Rust, including what you can use it for and some tips for maximum efficiency.

Whether you are planning to go base raiding or need it for casual PVP, you will need to get your hands on some gunpowder (unless you prefer fighting with only a spear). Gunpowder is a highly sought-after resource in Rust and will be a game-changer for players still using arrows and rocks. So, if you're ready, continue reading to learn how to get your hands on this crucial material.

Rust: How To Get & Make Gunpowder


Gunpowder in Rust is one of the most important items for crafting ammo and explosives. However, obtaining sulfur to make gunpowder can be challenging, especially if you use lots of ammo or plan to carry out lots of raids. As such, we've detailed some of the best ways to get gunpowder in Rust to help you stay in the game longer.

Farming Sulphur Nodes

The best way to obtain gunpowder in Rust is by farming sulfur nodes and gathering wood for the furnaces. Next, cook the sulfur in any size furnace, evenly splitting the resource. This will produce sulfur and charcoal, both of which are needed to craft gunpowder in Rust. Afterward, go to a Workbench and open your Crafting Menu to start making the gunpowder. Note that you need three charcoal for every two pieces of sulfur.

Using a Mixing Table

For more efficient crafting of gunpowder in Rust, use a Mixing Table. It only costs one charcoal for every piece of sulfur, and you don't have to be near the Workbench to craft gunpowder.

Rust: Recycling Resources For Gunpowder


Mine Carts

If you live next to a mine shaft, don't underestimate the frequency at which mine carts and crates spawn at these locations. They will often contain gunpowder and flares that can be recycled for gunpowder.

Recycling Ammo and Explosives

Speaking of which, recycling is always a great method for quickly getting your hands on gunpowder in Rust. Unwanted ammo and explosives in your base can yield substantial gunpowder when recycled, which can help with last-minute raid preparations.

Recycling F1 Grenades

You can buy F1 grenades from vendors at the Bandit Camp or via drones from Outposts for only 8 Scrap each. When recycled, these produce 15 gunpowder, meaning you can effectively buy 15 for 8 Scrap.

And that's all the ways you can get gunpowder in Rust. Getting your hands on this material can be a challenge, but with these tips, you should be able to gather enough gunpowder to craft ammo and explosives for all your endeavors in no time. Remember to be efficient with your resources and always watch for mine carts. We hope you enjoyed this guide on how to get gunpowder in Rust. All images courtesy of YouTube/ Ashen.

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