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Rust: The Best Base Locations To Build Every Wipe

Where should you build your base in Rust? Here are some tips to help you decide what location you should choose to start building your base.
Rust: The Best Base Locations To Build Every Wipe

Finding good places to build a base in Rust is a skill that can be developed over time, but it doesn't hurt to have a few tips on the best places to build before you get started.

For those of you who don't know, Rust doesn't have a fixed map like ARK: Survival Evolved or Sons Of The Forest, so every server you play on will have a different map to learn. At the same time, Rust has a procedurally generated map, which means that the game creates a random map every time the server is reset or wiped. This makes the game a more unique and exciting experience for players every wipe time.

Based on our experience though, you should choose your base location wisely and according to your playstyle and skill level, just as you would choose the right server based on your skills. Read on and we'll give you a helping hand to ensure you build your base in the best possible locations depending on your skill level and what you want to do in Rust.


The Best Base Locations For Beginner Players

If you're a new player and don't know where to build it won't be so much of a problem because you need to spend decent time learning Rust anyway. The best learning method is making mistakes in Rust. To start, we would suggest building your base near the Bandit Camp or Outpost. These two locations are safe zones in Rust, however, it doesn't mean you will be safe when you build near them. You can use the Drone Stations in these two places and buy different items or guns from other players without putting yourself in danger.

You can safely recycle your components here or buy different items from the Outpost itself (The default trading options Rust provides you). Outposts and Bandit Camps are great places to build as a beginner for these reasons, you don't have to engage players if you don't want to.

Another two areas which can be useful for beginners are The Satellite Dish and Dome locations. Since the Satellite Dish is a Green Keycard monument it doesn't have that much loot, and because of this reason players generally don't prefer building near this place. As for the Dome, there is a little bit of loot and no Keycards in this place, which again means more experience players might avoid it. However, you can farm so much Low-Grade Oil and Crude Oil in this monument, which can come in handy.


Best Base Locations For PvP Players

If you like PvP and you are good at it, you can build your base near the Launch Site. This location is one of the most popular places to build among big clans and good players, the reason for that is Launch Site has great loot. Besides the Launch Site's loot itself, there is an NPC tank called Bradley. If you manage to boom this Bradley you can get decent high-tier loots. Another reason players like this place is because there is so much PvP going on around here and some experienced players just grind other players rather than the monuments.

Arctic Research base is another great spot for players who like competition and PvP. This monument is so small yet has great loot. There are NPC scientists you can farm, and you can completely loot this place in a couple of minutes. The place also has Recycle Machine which is super useful for getting scrap in Rust. And the main reason why big clans and PvP players choose this place is you can get Red Keycard from Arctic Research Base. Most of the clans get Red Keycards for completing Oil Rig Puzzle for getting high-tier loot.

Finally, we might suggest you build near flat coastal areas near the Oil Rig or route of the Cargo Ship. Oil Rigs and Cargo Ships are great for getting components, scraps, and weapons. If you are an experienced player enough you can dominate Cargo Ships or Oil Rigs in any server. You just need to be extra careful when they spawn, and you have to be ready to go as soon as they are online especially if you are playing on a fresh wiped server.


Best Base Locations For PvE Players

If you like to play PvE or a little PvP the following Rust-building spots are just for you. 

We would suggest you build your base near rivers. Rivers are a great source of food in Rust and you will have lots of food. When you spawn on your Sleeping Bag you wouldn't have to spend Medical Syringe or Bandage. You can just increase your health by eating. However, this place should be near a place that has Recycler Machine. If you don't have any monuments near where you build your base, you will need to loot the barrels on the sea.

Farming barrels on the sea is another an excellent way to farm components and scrap safely. However, if other players with boats spot you on the sea they will probably chase you forever. For countering this situation you can bring Diving Mask, Diving Fins, Diving Tank, and Speargun. When you see them coming you can bait them for jumping into the water and shoot them with your Speargun, they can't attack you because normal guns cannot be fired underwater.

Harbor is another great building place for PvE fans. You generally don't encounter large clans in Harbor monuments. Because Harbor only has Tier 1 loots, you can find Tier 2 weapons like Semi Automatic Rifle, Semi Automatic Pistol, and Python Revolver but it is rare. Besides all that you can find a Green Keycard puzzle here and get yourself a brand-new Blue Keycard. You can also find here an Oil Refinery. With this item, you can turn your useless Crude Oil into Low-Grade Fuels.

Lastly, we would suggest you build your base near any Underground Tunnel Entrance and farm tunnels. This area might be a little dangerous but you can get a great resource in return.

In the Underground Tunnel, there are tons of NPC and crates. You can farm a great number of components, scraps, and other useful items here. You can easily farm this place with a Crossbow and Nailgun, but you should also bring a good amount of Bandage and a Knife to gather Cloth from the Tunnellers. At the end of your run, you can stop by Outpost to recycle your items safely and buy items you need.

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