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How To Craft Sleeping Bag In Rust

Ensure you have a restful night's sleep by learning how to make a sleeping bag in Rust.
How To Craft Sleeping Bag In Rust

Are you tired of respawning miles away from your base or friends after dying in Rust? Well, you're certainly not alone. Knowing how to make a sleeping bag in Rust is critical to your survival and offers the convenience of having a more accessible respawn point. Specifically, it mitigates having to travel across the entire map to your (or your friends') place of death. In this guide, you will learn how to craft a sleeping bag in Rust, including all the materials required and some tips on where to place it safely. So, what are you waiting for? Let's begin!

How To Craft A Sleeping Bag In Rust

Before making a sleeping bag in Rust, you must gather 30 pieces of cloth. Fortunately, you can harvest this material easily from hemp plants throughout the game world. You can also get cloth by chopping down cactuses (although you'll take some if you get too close). After you have gathered enough cloth, the next step is to craft the sleeping bag in Rust.

Open your inventory and select the "Crafting" menu option. Next, find the sleeping bag among your items. It should be listed under the "Deployables" section. Click on it to start crafting your sleeping bag. The crafting process will begin as long as you have the required cloth. After that, it will only take a couple of seconds to finish.


Once the sleeping bag has been crafted, you can place it on the ground by selecting it from your inventory and selecting the "Deploy" button. You can put the sleeping bag anywhere; however, we suggest choosing a safe location where other players are less likely to find it. With your sleeping bag set up, interact with it and select the "Spawn" option. This will set the sleeping bag as your new spawn point.

And that's everything you need to know about crafting a sleeping bag in Rust. Now, if you die in the world, you can respawn at the location where you placed your sleeping bag. But, of course, you may want to ensure that this is a suitable spawn point that is not too far from points of interest and safe enough that you do not have to worry about conflict right after respawning.

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