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How To Fish In Rust: Best Fishing Locations

Want to learn how to catch fish in Rust like a pro and live the life of a fisherman? We have just what you need.
How To Fish In Rust: Best Fishing Locations

Are you a newcomer and struggling to learn how to fish in Rust? Don't worry -- we've got you covered! Fishing can be a peaceful way to score some sweet loot in Rust, but it can be overwhelming with so many fish and locations to consider. That's why we're here to provide you with the ultimate guide on how to catch fish in Rust, including the fastest way to get fish and the best fishing spots in the game. So grab your fishing rod and let's get started!

How To Catch Fish In Rust: Craft Fishing Rod


The first thing you'll need to start fishing in Rust is a Fishing Rod. To craft one, you'll require the following materials: 200 Wood, 50 Cloth, and 1 Metal Fragment. Once you have the necessary items, open your Crafting menu and select the "Fishing Rod" option. When you've found a fishing spot (more on that in the next section), equip your Fishing Rod from your inventory and aim at the water to cast your line with the right mouse button.

Before casting, it's best to ensure you have sufficient bait. Different foods have different bait levels that yield varying results. Once you throw your line into the water, you'll see a bobber floating on the surface. Be patient and wait for a fish to bite the hook. When it does, the bobber will move and make a sound. Then, quickly click the left mouse button to reel the fish in, and maintain tension on the Fishing Rod until you've reeled it in completely.

Best Locations To Get Fish In Rust


Fishing in Rust can be challenging, especially for newcomers. This is further complicated by the many locations and types of fish to choose from. Some fish can be found anywhere, while others can only be found in specific areas. To make things easier, you can use our table of the best locations to find fish in Rust.

Fish Locations
Salmons, Anchovies, Herrings, Sardines, and junk items. Go to practically any water source.
Small Sharks and Small Trout Head to the Ocean and fish in deeper water, either from a pier or on a boat excursion.
Orange Roughy, Small Sharks, and Small Trout Venture to the Underwater Labs, a high-risk area with the potential for high rewards.
Catfish and Yellow Perch Navigate to any major rivers or swamp.

Additional Fishing Tips

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you could try catching fish in the Bandit Camps swamp (safe zone) for Catfish and Yellow Perch. Otherwise, head to the fishing village to instantly catch and sell your fish at the vending machine for a quick profit.

Finally, the Underwater Lab is a phenomenal place to fish if you have already secured the area, offering some of the best high-tier fish in the game. And that concludes our guide on how to fish in Rust. With this guide, you'll know where to find specific types of fish and how to catch them effectively. But why stop there? You might like to check out our other guides: where to find Keycards | Rust weapon tier list

All images featured in this guide are courtesy of YouTube / Jfarr.

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