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How To Craft Drones In Rust

Are you looking for a way to survey an area in style? Then learn how to craft Drones in Rust.
How To Craft Drones In Rust

If you want to add a new dimension to your Rust gameplay, then drones might just be what you're looking for. These aerial surveillance vehicles can be a game-changer, providing you with an advantage in scouting and monitoring enemy movements. However, before you can enjoy the perks of owning one, you're probably wondering how to craft a drone in Rust. Well, we have you covered. So, when you're ready, continue reading to learn everything about drones, including how to craft them and the materials you'll need to repair them when they break.

How To Make Drones In Rust

Before you can craft a drone in Rust, you must research it for 125 Scrap at the Research Table. Or you can spend 305 Scrap at a Level 2 Workbench to craft it. The drone has a range of 500 meters, 100 health, and can be controlled by moving laterally using WASD and vertically using the Shift and Ctrl keys.

However, to control drones in Rust, you will need a computer station, which you can also craft at the Level 2 Workbench for 230 Scrap. Alternatively, you can purchase it from the Outpost for 300 Scrap. You can also research a computer station directly at a Research Table for 75 Scrap or find it in loot containers if you are lucky.


That being said, you should avoid hitting objects, or it will destroy the drone. Luckily can repair it with a hammer, metal fragments, high-quality metal, and a CCTV camera. However, it will not consume the CCTV camera when you repair it.

It is important to note that you cannot attach explosives or any deployable to the drone. This is because if you try to put C4 on the drone, it will simply break. In addition, the drone is undetectable by SAM turrets and auto-turrets, making it a great asset for scouting enemy bases and monuments or simply for taking in the sights.

And that's everything there is to know about crafting drones in Rust. But why stop there? You might like to learn more about Rust, like the best places to find weapons or how to survive the Arctic biome.

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