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Rust Minicopter: How To Fly and Best Training Server

Want to learn how to fly a Minicopter in Rust? Waste no more time and check out our guide!
Rust Minicopter: How To Fly and Best Training Server

Flying a Minicopter in Rust can seem extremely difficult for new players, but after taking a look at our Rust How to Fly Minicopter guide, you'll be able to lift your first Minicopter and get used to driving it in no time.

There are tricks in Rust to driving a Minicopter, and once you figure out the basic mechanics, you can even fly a Minicopter upside down. Also in this article, we will talk about the servers that you can join and improve your Minicopter skills. This way you don't risk losing your Minicopter on a normal server in Rust.

Rust player sitting on the Minicopter
Image via Ginx TV

How to Fly the Minicopter in Rust

To learn how to fly a Minicopter in Rust, you need to learn its basic mechanics. Since the Minicopter is a very agile vehicle, it is much more difficult to control than the Scrap Transport Helicopter. One wrong mouse movement and you can completely lose control of the Minicopter.

That is why you should always be careful when flying mini. The best way to learn how to fly a Minicopter is to practice flying on a Minicopter Training server or a Creative Build server in Rust.

Currently, there is the KoalaKopters server, which we can call the best Minicopter Traning server in Rust. You can also practice flying a Minicopter on the Intoxicated EU Sandbox server, which is a decent Creative Build server.

If you have never operated a Minicopter before, follow these steps to learn the basic mechanics:

  1. Add Low-Grade Fuel to your Minicopter and sit in the driver's seat.
  2. Then hold your mouse steady without moving it and just press the "W" key to ascend.
  3. After rising for a while, change the direction of the Minicopter using only the "A" and "D" keys.
  4. To move forward, push your mouse forward very slightly and tilt the nose of your Minicopter towards the ground.
  5. To slow down, slide your mouse backward slowly. However, you should make your mouse movements extremely delicate at the beginning because you can completely lose control of your Minicopter with the smallest mistake.
  6. You can land by pressing the "S" button.

One Minicopter control information you should keep in mind is the use of the "CTRL" key. After you start the engine of your Minicopter, the "CTRL" key will keep your vehicle fixed to the ground. You can use the Minicopter in this way to go from the flatter areas or to get it into your garage comfortably.

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