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Rust Oil Rig Monument Guide: Location, Puzzle Solutions & Loot

Here's everything to know about the Oil Rig monument in Rust, including how to get into the facility, all the loot, and puzzle solutions.
Rust Oil Rig Monument Guide: Location, Puzzle Solutions & Loot

Ahoy there! Are you ready to take on the Oil Rig in Rust? Much like the Underwater Labs, this monument is a notorious hotbed of loot, guarded by formidable scientists armed to the teeth. But fear not! This guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to navigate and conquer the Oil Rig in Rust. We'll cover everything from loot spawns to utilities, features, and scientists.

But why stop there? We'll even explain how to access the facility's locked crate, plan your great escape, and detail how to spy on other players with the CCTV system. The Oil Rig in Rust is a must-visit location that promises high-risk, high-reward gameplay. So grab your gear, and let's jump right into it!

Rust: How To Reach Oil Rig Monument


The Oil Rig is a popular monument in Rust that is rich in loot; however, it also presents a considerable challenge to navigate and survive. As such, the first question many players want to know is how to reach the Oil Rig in Rust. As it turns out, there are three main ways to reach the Oil Rig: captaining a boat to the base of the monument, flying a helicopter and landing at the helipad, or swimming with a diving tank and flippers.

Regardless of how you get there, it's important to be careful of scientists when approaching the facility; keep your distance and try to shoot the scientists guarding the base of the Oil Rig so you can board without dying. Fortunately, the Oil Rig in Rust does not contain any radiation, allowing you to come with any tier of armor and clothing. Therefore, the facility is accessible to players of any level to try to snag some of the bounty, including those with a crossbow, bow, revolver, and basic armor.

All Enemies & Loot In Oil Rig Monument In Rust



The Oil Rig contains 13 possible basic military or elite crate spawns. These spawns include one crate found on Level 2, six crates found on Level 3 (four of which are in the green puzzle room), and six crates on Level 4 (in the puzzle rooms, on top of pallets, and within crates). In addition, normal barrels, oil barrels, and diesel barrels can be found throughout the monument. Beyond this, oil barrels can be used to gather extra fuel for vehicles, while diesel can be used in the Large Excavator monument.


Of course, looting the place won't be easy. The Oil Rig is guarded by scientists armed with shotguns, SMGs, and assault rifles. You'll likely find fewer scientists at the lower levels than the higher ones. However, scientists can go up and down the levels, making it hard to determine how many scientists might encounter. In addition, the scientists require more shots to kill than enemy players and can sometimes have a dead-on aim, killing you swiftly. As such, you would do well to come prepared with medical supplies, guns, and some friends. Scientists drop tools, medical supplies, keys, scrap, weapons, attachments, clothing, and components when killed.

How To Access Locked Crate At Oil Rig Monument In Rust

A locked crate can be found at the top of the Oil Rig in Rust, providing some of the best loot in the game. It can be found in the red and blue keycard puzzle room, which is inside the white admin building under the helipad. In addition, a sign-leveled SOS frequency can be found with four numbers. These numbers can be used by other players with an RF pager to alert them when the locked crate is opened. However, before hacking the locked crate, remember that other players could be notified and attempt to steal its loot from you.

To unlock the locked crate, you first need an opener by initiating its 15-minute timer. Yellow sirens will begin to ring once you know about the impending threat. A Chinook will spawn and land on the helipad, carrying six heavy scientists. These heavy scientists are similar to the previous blue scientists but have more armor (requiring five headshots to kill) and overpowered weapons like M249s. A good strategy is to shoot the heavy scientists while they are still attempting to land to deal extra damage before they reach the ground.

Once they've landed, remain in a defensive position to avoid getting swarmed and take them down one by one. Two recommended positions to fight from include up on the crane and down the stairs on Level 3. Once you've killed a heavy scientist, they can drop rare items such as a rocket launcher, night-vision goggles, and medical supplies. Wait for the crate timer to finish, and once opened, you can have the chance to find explosives, components, attachments, weapons, ammo, armor, and a supply signal. 

How To Escape Oil Rig Monument In Rust


After looting the locked crate, it's best to escape by returning to your vehicle. You can quickly get back down the monument by jumping off the edge and landing in the water to mitigate full damage. Additionally, if you bring a diving tank and some flippers, you can jump into the water and swim away, leaving exit campers or attackers unable to find you.

You can view the Oil Rig live through the CCTV system, which players can tune into using the computer station within the facility. You can also enter the secret Oil Rig CCTV camera codes to begin spying on unsuspected players before better understanding how many other enemy parties are. You can also get an indication of the tier of loot the Oil Rig contains.

It's worth mentioning that the Oil Rig contains multiple separate puzzles, with one found on Level 3 and two more on Level 4. You will need a green card, blue card, red card, and an electric fuse to complete the puzzles. The loot will vary for the puzzles but well worth it. Just remember to bring enough cards and fuses. And that concludes our guide on conquering the Oil Rig monument in Rust. All images featured in this guide are courtesy of YouTube / Jfarr.

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