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Rust Underwater Labs Guide: Location & All Puzzle Solutions

Learn everything about Rust's Underwater Labs, including all locations, enemies, loot, and puzzle solutions.
Rust Underwater Labs Guide: Location & All Puzzle Solutions

If you're playing Rust, you might be interested in exploring the game's randomly generated Underwater Labs. These areas offer challenging enemies and a ton of loot that can make it worth the effort to explore. In this guide, we'll cover everything you need to know about the Underwater Labs in Rust, including how to get inside and solve all the puzzles to access all that sweet loot. We'll also talk about the different enemies you'll encounter and how to defeat them. So, get your scuba gear ready and dive into Underwater Labs in Rust.

Where To Find Underwater Labs In Rust


Finding the location of the three underwater labs in Rust is not difficult, as they are relatively easy to identify from the in-game map. That said, the real challenge is getting there. To access the Rust Underwater Labs, you can either scuba dive or take a submarine. However, swimming to the labs without proper gear will result in certain death.

You'll need a diving tank for scuba diving, which can be found in loot crates or purchased for 35 Scrap at the Fishing Village. Diving fins are also recommended and can be obtained from crates, toolboxes, or by using a fishing rod (you'll need bait under level 2.5). Finally, if you prefer a submarine, the small one-person sub costs 200 Scrap, and the larger two-person sub costs 300 Scrap, both sold at the Fishing Village.

To ensure your safety when you reach the Underwater Lab in Rust, it's best to avoid rushing straight to the entrances. Instead, take some time to look around the monument and look through the windows for any sign of players. If you don't spot any enemy AI, it could be a warning that other players have already taken down the scientists and are still lurking inside. On the other hand, if you can see scientists patrolling the area without any players in sight, you can proceed inside without any worries.

How To Get Inside The Underwater Lab

There are two ways to access the Underwater Labs in Rust: the large moon pool or the human-sized version. If using a submarine, you'll need to find one of the larger moon pools, which is a long rectangular room that leaves a large opening underneath to enter. They appear as red dots on the sonar display. Once found, go beneath it, and the red dot will increase in size, signaling that you can begin to rise.

For scuba divers, large moon pools have a ladder on the side to climb up. However, you might be safer by entering through the smaller, more secluded moon pools. Additionally, we recommend swapping your scuba kit out to a PVP kit just before breaching the water so you are ready to fight whatever enemy mobs await you.

All Enemies & Loot In Underwater Labs In Rust


Scientists roam the Underwater Lab monument with M92 pistols or MP5 SMGs weapons in Rust. They also have 125 health, making them a challenge to take down. They are similar to the tunnel dwellers who roam the freight tunnel system but are slightly more dangerous. Additionally, scientists can open doors, so hiding behind closed doors to heal or reload is not an option.

As each lab is randomly generated, the number of scientists you might encounter can vary, but there are typically about seven. Remember that other players may lurk around, so be ready for PvP action even after clearing the scientists. There are 11 types of loot crates that you can find in Underwater Labs in Rust. These include the elite crate, ration box, toolbox, and vehicle parts box, as well as ammo, blue, yellow, fuel, component, medical, tech, and vehicle part crates.

All Underwater Lab Puzzle Solutions In Rust


Puzzle 1 Solution: No Keycard

To solve the first puzzle of the Underwater Lab of Rust, locate the room adjacent to a ladder and doors with red buttons. Then, find the fuse box and insert the electric fuse. Next, head towards one of the doors and press the button to gain entry. Once inside, you'll find body parts on a table and shelving that contains loot, including two medical and food crates.

Puzzle 2 Solution: Green Keycard

Head to the module room that is already powered to find three green puzzle rooms within the Underwater Labs facility of Rust. Once inside, you will find sleeping bunks, tables, and toilets that offer almost 100% comfort. Moreover, one of the green rooms has a boombox at the back that plays music from a selected station. Finally, keep an eye out for a single large crate and a food crate or box that can spawn in these rooms.

Puzzle 3 Solution: Blue Keycard

When entering the Blue puzzles in Rust's Underwater Labs, there are four rooms to navigate. The first room is located in a ladder module and has two powered entrances. Inside, find a computer station, two large crates, a toolbox, a small ammo crate, and a food box on the shelf. The second puzzle can be found in a large room in the center of the corridor with a jail cell, a mountable toilet, two large crates, a toolbox, a med box, a food box, and an ammo box.

The third puzzle is identified by the two puzzle room doors in the corner and requires a blue keycard, a green keycard, and an electric fuse (psst, you might like this guide about where to find all keycards in Rust). First, open the green keycard door and locate the fuse box. Turn it on and activate it to power the blue keycard door. Next, open the blue keycard door and find the two generators and a non-functional level 3 workbench, which may spawn a green keycard. This room can spawn two large crates, two crude oil piles, a toolbox, an ammo box, and A car parts crate.

The final puzzle can be identified by the powered keycard door and contains a desk, a sleeping bunk, a large crate, a component or tech crate, and an ammo crate. You can also find a speaker on the table to announce your voice across the whole lab.

Puzzle 4 Solution: Red Keycard

You will need a blue keycard, a red keycard, and two fuses to complete the first red puzzle module in Rust's Underwater Labs. First, locate the ladder and use the blue keycard to access the fuse room. Once inside, you will see two fuse boxes on either side of the room. Put the first fuse in the right fuse box and turn it on. Next, move to the other side of the room, insert the second electric fuse, turn it on, and activate the timer. Finally, swipe your red keycard to enter and find three elite crates and three large crates at the back of the room.

The second red puzzle module can be found by the two open windows and a side room containing a fuse box. This puzzle requires one electric fuse and one red keycard. First, enter the electric fuse into the fuse box located in the side room and press the red button to activate the timer. Next, proceed to the outside red keycard door and open it. Inside, you will find two large crates, two elite crates, three ammo crates, one toolbox, and one tech crate. And that's everything you need to know about the Underwater Labs in Rust. We hope you enjoyed this guide as much as we did. For everything Rust and more, we will see you in the next one!

All images featured in this guide are courtesy of YouTube / Jfarr.

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