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Rust: How To Get Cloth

Are you wondering where to find Cloth in Rust? Look no further than this guide, detailing all the locations to get it in the game.
Rust: How To Get Cloth

Are you tired of struggling with where to find Cloth in Rust? Well, you'll be happy to know that we have the answer! Cloth is a core material used for crafting many items in Rust, including bandages, sleeping bags, and clothes - all of which are vital to survival. That being said, knowing all the locations to find Cloth can make a huge difference in your gameplay. In this guide, we will take you through all the best ways of getting Cloth in Rust, regardless of whether you're new or a veteran at survival games. So, let's get started.

Best Methods On How To Get Cloth In Rust

Harvesting Hemp is one of the most popular methods to get more Cloth in Rust. Hemp plants can be found in various biomes, such as grasslands, forests, and swamps. Approach a Hemp plant and hit it with a rock or hatchet to collect the Hemp fibers. Once you have gathered enough fibers, you can convert them into Cloth at a Campfire or Furnace.

where to find cloth rust locations for farming
You can get Cloth by harvesting Hemp fibers in Rust. (Picture: YouTube / Jfarr)

Are you feeling adventurous and armed? Then you can kill animals for a chance to get Cloth in Rust. Pigs, chickens, and deer can be found in the wild and provide Cloth, food, and useful resources. It's worth noting that you can also loot Cloth off dead players that you've killed. Speaking of which, you might want to consult our Rust weapons tier list to help you do this.

If you're feeling lucky, you may stumble upon Cloth while looting barrels and crates scattered around the map. These containers can be found in abandoned buildings, caves, and most monuments. Use a melee weapon or tool to break them open and potentially discover Cloth, weapons, tools, and other useful items.

cloth farming guide rust
You can sometimes find Cloth by looting barrels and crates in Rust. (Picture: YouTube / Jfarr)

Finally, if you want to get Cloth fast and have many stored materials, you might want to consider recycling your items. For example, you can recycle clothing, tarps, rugs, and even road signs at a Recycler, which can be found in multiple locations, including some player-built bases and monuments.

And that concludes our guide on how to get Cloth in Rust. This material is extremely important, so stay sharp and collect as much as possible. We hope these tips help you on your journey to gather all the Cloth you need in Rust. While you are here, why not read our guide detailing the best spots to catch Fish in Rust or where to find Keycards in the game?

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